22 Things We’ll Miss About ANTM

It’s officially the end of an era.  After 22 crazy cycles of photo shoots, challenges, makeovers, and runways, the legendary America’s Next Top Model is finally over. Whether you’ve been a devoted fan for years or you just flip to reruns when there’s nothing else on TV, Top Model is certainly a show that has left its mark. *Grabs tissues* In honor of its long life on the big screen, here’s a list of 22 things we’ll miss most about ANTM.

1.  The opening title sequences. “You want to be on top?”

2.  The (old) panel of judges. R.I.P Janice and Twiggy

3.  Insanely dangerous photo shoots. Snakes, raw meat, and bridges, oh my!

4.  Makeover drama. Bring in the weaves.

5.  Tyra’s face plastered all over the ANTM house. So. Many. Tyras.

6.  The go-see time crunch. And the one contestant who was always 30 seconds late.

7. Miss J’s runway tips. Werk, Miss J!

8.  The prizes. “The first, a $100,000 contract with Covergirl Cosmetics…”

9.  The tears. Lots and lots of tears.

10.  Filming commercials. Cue the cue cards!

11.  Tyra Mail!!!!!!!!

12. The fights. The screaming, crying, name-calling, blood-boiling, occasionally physical fights. You’ve got to love them.

13.  The on-screen romances. Forever thankful for male models and for bringing them on ANTM in Cycle 20.

14.   The manipulative villains. Cough, cough – Lisa, Eva, Dominique, Melrose, Yaya, Jade, etc.

15.  The overseas traveling…and subsequent culture shock.

16.  The high-fashion outfits, makeup and hair. *Swoon*

17. Surprise house visits and dinner parties with Tyra. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

18.  ANTM vocab. Smize, H2T, Tooch and Booch.

19.  Guest stars. Tyson Beckford, Rob Evans, Nicki Minaj, and Kristin Cavallari, to name a few.

20.  Music videos. My anthem: “Work that hallway, like a runway…Bootyful.”

21. The final runway stomp-down. So much energy. So many feels.

22.  And finally, this life-changing moment...