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17 Stages of Getting a Fashion Internship

So, you want to get a fashion internship for this summer? Don’t we all. If you aren’t familiar with the stages of getting this internship, I’m here to fill you in:

1.     Decide you want to get an internship in the fashion industry for the upcoming summer. Get pumped about this decision.

2.     Start doing some research about companies and brands you want to work for. Gather all contact info from each place.

3.     Update your resume, write a cover letter, and update your LinkedIn profile. Feel ~professional AF~

4.     Apply. Email off everything to your contacts. Feel like a boss.

5.     Wait a little. Actually wait a lot.

6.     Realize your resume is just sitting in a pile not being looked at or in some general email’s inbox still marked as unread.

7.     Ask everyone you know if they know someone in the fashion industry. AKA network like your life depends on it.

8.     Once you (hopefully) find someone, ask him/her nicely to please help you land an internship for the summer.

9.     Do whatever this person, who is now your “in,” tells you to.

10.  Watch all your roommates and friends have interviews while you are still playing the waiting game.

11. Keep up with all fashion week instas and snapchats while knowing that, for the entire month, nobody in the fashion world is concerned with finding summer interns.

12.  Refresh your Gmail v often.

13.  Finally, check your email to see that someone has granted you the gift that is an interview.

14.   Do even more research on the company. Plan a dope outfit to impress your potential future employers.

15.  Kill it in the interview.

16.  Hear you got the internship. Feel #BLESSED that this stressful process is over and that you finally know what you’re doing this summer and you are beyond excited for it.

17.  Repeat next summer!

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