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17 Signs Your Roommate is Also Your Best Friend

1.  You can talk about anything–boys, food, life goals, family, whatever–at any time… most likely in bed at 2:30 a.m.

2.  You can tell her anything and you know she’ll keep it a secret. There is no judgment ever, and you know anything important you say is between the two of you.

3.  You have way too many “roomie pics” because really who else would you rather take pictures with?  There are pictures of the two of you on your phone that you can’t post because the sheer amount of selfies is getting a little ridiculous.

4.  When you don’t see her all day, you almost burst when you finally come back to your room because there is so much to say.  So many things happen in a day that are just too hard to text, so you save it up until you actually see her.

5. When something does happen, she is the first person you want to tell–good or bad. When a guy texts you, when you get a terrible grade, or find out something interesting, she is the first person you tell.  And she always matches your enthusiasm. 

6.  If you steal some of her snacks, it’s totally okay. Whether you were up late studying, came back from Maggie’s starving, or were just really craving pretzels mid-day, she is happy to share. 

7.  You’ve Facebook stalked more people together in your room than is probably socially OK.  But, how else are you supposed to keep track of everyone in all your stories? You need a visual of the hot guy in her class or the amazing dress someone wore that you need to also buy.

8.  You can look your absolute worst and she could care less. She’s seen you when you’re going to bed with a facemask, when you wake up and your hair is a mess, and every time you’ve cried and looked like a disaster.

9.  Random distractions are a regular part of doing work in the room together.  It’s not your fault studying is boring. 

10.  She gets you food/tissues/juice when you’re sick and can’t leave the room.  She also doesn’t act really grossed out when you’re blowing your nose and coughing all of the time, even though she probably is.


 11.  You share similar thoughts on all the same people.

12.  You like the same music and have certain songs that are your songs, and when you hear them at a party, or really any time, you get overly excited.  

13.  Sometimes getting ready to go out together is more fun than actually being out.  Putting on make-up, listening to music, and figuring out what to wear is all way more fun when you are doing it together. 

14.  She’ll press send on the text you want to send when you just can’t do it yourself.  This may lead to some post-text freaking out, but it’s OK, she’s got your back.

15.  You don’t get sick of each other, no matter how much time you spend in the room together; in fact, you are happy to have her there!  Saying goodbye for breaks is way more sad than happy.

16.  All important outfit choices (date parties, interviews, formals, etc..) must be approved by them first.  

17.  You can’t imagine living with anyone else.






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