14 Ways Emory Was Different in Fall 2012

For all the recently graduated seniors out there, we are officially those has-beens that talk about how things used to be. But in reality, some of the things that defined our freshman year are long gone. Time to get nostalgic:

1. Raoul didn't exit yet—but if you lived in Hamilton, McTyeire, or LSM, you got to hear all the construction.


2.  Cabs lined Eagle Row every weekend because there was no Über.  Remember trying to split a cab with people you didn't know and either everyone was throwing up dollar bills and it was impossible to figure out or you ended up paying for all of it because they ran off as soon as you got to Mags?  Yeah, don't miss that.

3. Hamilton Holmes was the newest dorm on campus, and the bridge connecting it to the DUC wasn’t there yet. LSM, Hamilton, and Turman had to walk all the way down the hill and around the stairs. It was intense.

4. Fevans was the place to be for your freshman dorm. Now it doesn't even house freshman.

5. Emory Point wasn't a thing until second semester. Yeah, there were even fewer restaurant options near campus.

6. Dunkin and Einstein's were the on-campus go-tos. Now it's Kaldi's and Highland, and it's a split decision on whether the changes are for the better. The class of 2016 are basically the only ones who can participate in the debate.

7. It was the last year we got 4 credits for every class, which meant we only had to take 4 classes every semester. The good old days.

8. The DUC was one year before its food transformation…they didn’t even have the fresh OJ machine! Now the DUC is going to be completely transformed, so we probably won't even recognize it.

9. There was still “The Cubby,” and you would question how safe it was every time 15 people were jumping on the table.

10. McTyeire existed and now it's just an empty space.

11. Chick Fil-A and Pizza Hut were Cox staples. There hadn't even been any Chick Fil-A contoversy yet.

12. The gym didn’t have security gates. You could just walk right on in. It was cool.

13. The Depot was Zaya's and you still probably refuse to call it any other name.

14. The Emory Anthem guys were seniors, and we had all watched the video 100 times before coming to school. We had our own on campus celebrities. 

And just like that, seniors out taking all our 2012 memories with us.