10 Things You Learn When You Go to Emory and You Aren't from NY

If you go to Emory and are not from the Northeast, you may have been a little surprised when what feels like half your incoming class was from New York. Emory can even be described as a Northeastern School that just happens to be in the South. So, here are 10 things you have most likely learned about New York from being at Emory.

1. 'The City' is New York City

Hi guys, there are other cities, but whatever it's fine.


2. The Difference Between The City, Westchester, and Long Island           

Before coming to Emory, you probably didn't realized that New York has so many areas. Little did you know that where in NY you say you're from is extremely important.

It is offensive to say you are from The City if you live on Long Island, and anyone from The City will call you out.

It is slightly less offensive to say you are from the The City if you are from Westchester, but you will probably still get death glares.

And if you are from The City you are very proud of it other people should be equally as excited.


3.  Not going to camp is almost unfathomable

When you first get to Emory, you are slightly confused as to how all these people already know each other—it's been two days. Then, you learn everyone is someone’s camp friend’s best friend or best friend’s camp friend and that they all met up over the summer. Suddenly, it all makes so much more sense.

"You at least did a Teen Tour though...right?"


4. Soul Cycle is a way of life

You will be very confused during their conversations about the "euphoric" experience and how lost they feel without one in the ATL. Can a class be that theuropeutic? Now you're low key dying to try one.


5. Pizza and Bagels are an art

Conversations usually go like this:

“You have to try this pizza, it’s SO good.”

“Eh, I've had better.”


6. New Yorkers get to try all the instafamous food you stalk on Insta

MomoFoku, City Bakery, Sugar Factory, OatMeals, Black Tap, just to name a few...and you just have to stare jealously at their snaps and instas over breaks.


7. It is normal to not have a drivers license

When someone tells you they don’t have their drivers license, it no longer surprises you. They might not know how to drive, but you have no idea how to use the Subway...so can you really judge?

8. JAP is an adjective

It is not necessarily positive or negative but it becomes an extremly effective way to describe people when you come to Emory…and it really has nothing to do with being Jewish.


9. It really is an amazing city and you’ll get to experience it in a whole new way when you visit your friends.

You will make it past Times Square and it is really exciting.

10 You will want to move there after graduation because all your friends will be there.

Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for you. 


After your time at Emory you will never look at NY the same way again, but would we have it any other way? Because after all Emory wouldn't be Emory without all our NY students.