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10 Things to Do Instead of Studying for Finals

Believe it or not, we’ve made it to the most dreaded time of the school year: it’s #finalszn. This means we must do what college kids do best: avoid studying at all costs. If you’re trying to procrastinate and racking your brain for anything to do besides opening that textbook, here are some ideas.


1. Clean your room.

No one can think properly when their space is a mess, so now is the perfect time to get on that spring-cleaning kick. While you’re at it, start packing up some of your clothes and other belongings. You can thank me next week when the last thing you want to do is pack up everything you own.

2. Start a new TV show.

Studying for hours on end is not good for your brain…or your sanity. Try to pick a show that’s around 20 minutes long so you can take a break every once in a while and enjoy an entire episode of finals-free entertainment.

3. Go to the gym.

It may sound cliché, but sweating is one of the best ways to beat finals stress. Bring a friend to your favorite workout class or spend some alone time on your machine, away from the crowded libs.

4. Bake.

If working out doesn’t sound like an appealing stress-reliever, baking certainly will. In less than an hour, you can whip up a batch of any baked good. Not only will it make your stomach happy, but also your friends will love you for giving them tasty treats when they need it most.

5. Jam out.

Sometimes all it takes is an amazing song to get you out of your studying funk. Throw on your ear buds or blast it from your speakers back home and sing along. Music is like chicken soup for the soul and will certainly revive you for your next study session.

6. Hit up Lullwater.

A little fresh air never killed nobody. Start off your morning with a walk, or take a midday break at the park. If you like running, Lullwater is the perfect spot to get those endorphins pumping while enjoying some beautiful scenery.

7. Go out to dinner.

You need to eat anyway—might as well enjoy something with more flavor than that Kaldi’s salad you’ve gotten a thousand times. Living in Atlanta, you don’t have to travel far to find a great restaurant. So, gather some friends, enjoy some delicious eats, and try talking about anything other than finals.

8. Get your nails done.

A little pampering can make you feel like a million bucks and give you the push you need to finish all those final projects. If you don’t feel spending the extra cash at the salon, have a mid-week spa night at home and feel your stress melt away.

9. Start planning your summer get-togethers.

Instead of focusing on the stressful present, think about all the fun things to come in the near future. Call your home friends and start planning barbecues, beach trips, and nights out to give you motivation to make it through finals.

10. Hang out with your friends while you still can.

Whether you just finished your first year or will be graduating in a couple weeks, you will probably be away from your Emory friends for a while following finals. So, soak up this time while you’re still with them, because soon enough you’ll be wishing you were back at school—even for finals week.

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