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10 Fashion Trends to Try This Spring

It’s been absolutely beautiful out here in Atlanta (if you ignore the pollen and the afternoon thunderstorms), and that means it’s time to fully commit to a spring-wardrobe. Say goodbye to your chunky knits and bulky boots and hello to lighter fabrics, tans, and painted toenails. To help make this transition easier, take a look at these ten trends that cropped up for this spring!

Patterned Pantaloons

Nothing says spring like a pair of easy-breezy printed pants.

Fringe Factor

Perfect for frolicking through Lullwater and keeping yourself busy during a boring class – so much room for braiding.

They’re Bringing Denim Back

Tbt to Britney and Justin’s 2001 AMA’s outfits. Crazy denim is back and it’s time to go all out. Patches, embellishment, fraying… Nothing is too wild this season.

Seeing Red

Talk about a pop of color! Whether you’re using it as an accent or are daring enough to go full monochrome, you can’t go wrong in this bold hue.

Show Some Skin

It’s time to step away from the midriff and give some other skin the chance to shine. Bare shoulders are all the rage right now, and let’s be real—it’s much more attractive than baring your belly.

Bye Bye Blisters

Praise the fashion Gods; comfortable shoes are finally fashionable again. Take advantage while it lasts and give your feet a break. They probably need one.

Button up

A classic. You can never go wrong with a shirtdress.

All in One

Jumpsuits – because wearing a separate top and bottom is so 2014. 

Mellow Yellow

The happiest color was all over the runway this season. Even on a dreary day you’ll feel upbeat and sunny.

Size Matters

Small, yet powerful, these tiny bags are ready to make a statement. If you can’t cram all your stuff into one of these babies (and we all know girls carry a lot of stuff: http://www.hercampus.com/school/emory/16-things-every-girl-should-have-h…) you can always pull a Taylor Swift and double up. One for fashion, one for practicality – double the fun! 

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