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You are quite special. You are a natural caregiver. You show this motherlike side of yourself when it comes to family and friends. Because of your natural caregiving feeling, you offer others security. This security is shown through your way of devoting your time and effort into your friendships. You are one of the most devoted types of people out there and everyone around you sees that. One thing for sure is that you are very sensitive. This is not a bad quality, but it actually offers you advantages. This means that you love hard. The sensitive part of you wants the best for everyone and you should start to expect the same for yourself. 


You care so deeply. Sometimes it gets to the point where you care too much and it consumes you.  This makes you empathetic. You feel what others around you feel. To deal with this, sometimes you offer help to others and you are typically the shoulder to cry on, but remember that you also need that same type of empathy from others too. Along with being empathetic, you are also creative. You are a dreamer. Your creativity is shown through your everyday activities, especially it is seen through your hobbies: music, art, style, etc. Others strive to think like you do. 


You are an absolute queen. You deserve all of the love, respect, and attention from the whole world. You ARE the center of attention. You stand out in the crowd; your looks, your confidence, and how you hold yourself makes you glow in public. You need someone who sees these aspects of you and embraces them. You are once in a lifetime. 


You are independent. Your independence is highlighted through the way you live and love. You do what you need to do in order to succeed in life. This also connects to how you are devoted. One thing that you are mostly devoted to is your work. You try to do the best that you can in your work in order to feel successful and productive in your life. Don’t worry, you are doing exactly that. Along with being a hard worker, you are also self resilient. You stay focused and complete your tasks. You know what you got to do and you do it without hesitation. 


You are a complete rockstar. You are the life of the party and people love that about you. Your energy is positive and always good. One thing that is major for you is that you are a risk-taker. You have such a captivating character, hence why everyone is drawn to you. When people see you at a party, they are immediately drawn to you. You have a possy everywhere you go because of your magnetic field of captivation. One most noticeable aspect of you is your contagious laugh. Never hide it. 


You are the mother of your friend group. Your friends come to you for advice and you always give the best advice ever. Your honesty is one of your greatest aspects. You tell it how it is; you are assertive and people admire that about you. Just like you are brave, you are also courageous. You try out new things and learn to love change. With your courageousness comes creativity. Whether you show your creativity through drawings or finding new areas to explore, creativity will be in your everyday routine. 

Every one of us has flowers that are drawn to us. Each flower has their own unique background to them. This background connects to you and your life. Each of these flowers have a meaning to them and hopefully what has been described above connects to you and helps you understand yourself a little bit better. Remember, like every flower, you are also unique.

Madeleine Graves-Witherell is a sophomore studying Communications and Media Studies. She recently has worked with multiple social media platforms, specifically Instagram and TikTok in marketing means. Madeleine is an activist for women's rights and social change. When she is not writing, she is listening to Vance Joy on repeat or reciting The Office quotes.
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