What Your Dreams Might be Telling You

Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? Why do you dream what you do? Could there be reason they keep reoccurring? According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are meant to represent the unconscious desires of the person dreaming them. To Carl Jung, dreams were also a representation of the dreamer, but also aspects like the anima, shadow and the animus that were symbolic of objects and figures within those dreams. Calvin Hall concluded that in order to assess someone’s dreams, certain things must be considered: actions of the dreamer, interactions between dreamer and other people in the dream, setting and outcome, and finally objects within the dream. The only thing to remember when analyzing dreams is to know that there will be bias in the interpretation. When looking at one’s dreams, a study done by Carey Morewedge and Michael Norton, concluded that people tend to remember dreams about people they dislike more than like. So what do your dreams mean….


If you have a dream about falling, it could mean that you have a big decision to make or you have just made a big decision and are reconsidering it.

2. Being chased

If you have a dream about being chased by either a known or unknown attacker this could symbolize that you are running or avoiding something in your conscious life.


3. Infidelity

Dreams about infidelity are usually perceived as believing your partner is cheating or will cheat on you, but really it’s an underlying issue with trust and communication that is causing the dream.

4. Pregnancy

This type of dream could mean one of two things, that your personal life is developing or that you have new ideas forming.


5. Nudity

Dreams about nudity often mean that you are vulnerable or shameful about something.

6. Death of a loved one

The death of a loved one could mean that you are missing someone and seeking advice from that person. Dreams like this often stay with the dreamer for a while.


Dreams can mean many things, it all depends on how you look at them. One dream to a person could mean something completely different to someone else. There’s so much to learn from these subconscious thoughts though. If we look at this piece of ourselves we can find out what really scares us and haunts us at night, what determinations we have about certain things and what new ideas are about to prosper. Using information from Very Well Mind and Psychology today, I have gained more insight into what my own dreams mean and how I could be subconsciously finding out more about myself. Both these resources supported this article and provide new information on what dreams mean and who believes in what method of dream analysis. So what do your dreams mean?