Ten Commandments of ANY Super Bowl Party

What time is it? It’s party time!! That’s right #Patsnation, we’ve got another win in the books! Unfortunately, for some of us, the game isn’t entirely of interest.. In all honesty, half the fun of the Super Bowl is in the parties we throw. Therefore, we all strive to meet a certain criteria in order for our party to be considered a success. Today we are going to go over some rules and requirements that will make next year’s ritualistic experience among your family and friends SUPER successful.


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Any stellar Super Bowl party centers around good food and remember that your recipes DO NOT have to be complicated to be popular. Even Pinterest has very simple and delicious recipes that you can use. Pinterest can also help you find some simple inspired ways to cater your menu to the theme of football. I personally love to make deviled eggs as an appetizer and Pinterest provided me with some great ideas as to how I can make them look like footballs. If you are not sure what to serve, or search on Pinterest, stick with comfort foods. They are always popular and super easy to make. Some common foods that are popular amongst football parties include: chicken wings, nachos and chilli!


Make sure you have enough for everyone, nothing kills a party faster than when the food runs out, especially with a room of hungry football fans. If anything, it’s better to be over prepared because you can always keep the leftovers or give them away.


2. Embrace your competitive attitude


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Let’s be real, half the fun comes with a little attitude and confidence about your team versus their opponents. Trust me embracing this attitude with your fellow family and friends adds a lot more excitement to the game.


3. Suit up!


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In order to have a proper Super Bowl party, you need to come prepared with the right gear. Show off your pride with jerseys, team apparel, or just your team’s colors. NFL apparel can be expensive, but luckily there are tons of alternatives places to buy swag, like Walmart, Amazon, or Marshalls!


4. Deck the halls with Team Spirit


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Whatever you can do to transform your place into a patriotic environment, go for it! Whether you make paper decorations with team colors, buy banners on amazon, or just go to the local grocery store for some red and blue balloons, any decorative effort will go a long way. The more extra you are, the better!


5. NEVER skip the commercials


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Literally THE most extra advertisements and PSA’s run during the Super Bowl, watch, engage and take advantage of the good conversation topics these commercials provide. Great parties always involve great conversations!


6. Rock out during the halftime show!


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The halftime shows are always really fun and exciting, even more fun when you dance and sing along. If you’re an active person like me, this is a definite must for a successful Super Bowl party. Channel your inner rockstar and enjoy it!


7. Alcohol


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Again, Pinterest is loaded with recipes and inspiration for all of your Super Bowl cocktail needs. If you want something simpler, you can also go with hard lemonade or beer from a local liquor store. Either way, the presence of alcohol is surely one of the keys to any successful party.


8.  Party Games


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Get your poker face on because the liveliness that family board games quite literally bring to the table, is without a doubt crucial to success. Might I suggest Super Bowl Commercial Bingo!?


9. “Do it for the gram!”


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Prime opportunity to take lots of insta-worthy pictures, take full advantage. Therefore, not only will you have lots of fun, but you will also end up with documentation of your successful Super Bowl party.


10. Quality Time


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I don’t know about y’all but the quality time you get with your family and friends during the Super Bowl is a FAT mood. Enjoy it!


So, if  you want to not only watch a lot of field goals, but also strive for a #goals Super Bowl party, abide by these rules.