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Summer Travel Must-Haves

Summer is almost here! We’re just weeks away from emptying our backpacks of books and filling it with flip flops and a towel for a trip the beach. No matter where your plans take you this summer, there are a few items  you should always have in your bag. Keep reading for a list of summer travel must-haves!

1. A good book

Whether headed to the beach or the mountains, an interesting read is a summer necessity. It’s always a good idea to put your phone away for a few hours and get lost in a book. White Fur by Jardine Libaire is a new novel about star-crossed lovers set against the glitz and grit of 1980s New York City. It follows Elise Perez and Jamey Hyde, next door neighbors who come from two completely different words. Elise grew up in a housing project without a father and didn’t graduate from high school; Jamey is a junior at Yale, heir to a private investment bank fortune and beholden to high family expectations. Nevertheless, the attraction is instant, and what starts out as sexual obsession turns into something greater, stranger, and impossible to ignore. Get ready to fly through this gorgeously written novel that perfectly captures the ferocity of young love.

2. Sweat protection

The summer heat can be hard to beat, but Secret Invisible Solid will have you covered. Secret’s new Fresh line stays fresh for 48 hours and comes in 11 fragrances. From Luxe Lavender to Cool Waterlily, each new scent provides long-lasting fragrance that won’t disappear as the day goes on. It’s a must for any beach bag!

3. Makeup essentials

When you’re out in the sun, sweat, dirt and water can cause your makeup to become a mess. That’s why only the essentials are necessary in the summer. For me, this includes waterproof mascara, chapstick, and something to keep my unruly eyebrows in their place. essence cosmetics Eyebrow Designer is the perfect tool because it’s an eyebrow pencil and brush all in one! The smooth pencil end defines, outlines, and fills in brows with one simple step. The attached brush makes it easy to blend and comb. The best part: essence cosmetics are high quality, affordable and cruelty free! You can find them at ULTA, Target, and Harmon.

4. Toothbrush & toothpaste

For any overnight adventure, a toothbrush and toothpaste are a requirement. To make throwing your toothbrush into your bag quick and sanitary, use Steripod Toothbrush Protectors! Steripod clip-on toothbrush protectors fit any manual or electric toothbrush and keep your toothbrush clean and fresh for up to 3 months through the use of active thymol vapors (found in many mouthwashes and oral antiseptics). It’s perfect for travel; Just clip on the protective ‘pod’ to shield your brush and never worry about how clean your toothbrush ACTUALLY is ever again!

5. Feminine care products

A discrete kit of feminine care products is always a good idea when you’re on the go. I suggest including some pads, tampons, a clean pair of undies, and cleansing cloths. Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths are designed to work with your body to help maintain a natural pH and will wipe away any odor-causing bacteria anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re leaving yoga, at the beach or just trying to stay fresh on a hot day, these cloths are perfect for everyday touch up on-the-go.

We want to say a huge thank you to Penguin Random House, Secret, essence cosmetics, Steripod, and Summer’s Eve for sending us these summer travel must-haves in our Her Campus Summer Survival Kit! Want to add all these goodies to your travel bag? Follow us on Instagram for a chance to enter to win everything in this article - and more!

Sammy is a senior at Emmanuel College, majoring in English: Communications & Media Studies with a minor in Music-Theater. She discovered Her Campus through College Fashion Week: Boston, and has since re-launched Emmanuel's chapter and become a National Intern. On campus, Sammy gives weekly tours as an Admissions Ambassador, is a member of the Honors Program and stars in an as many theatrical productions as possible. She was also an Orientation Leader for the Class of 2019. Outside of school, she works as a sales associate at Charlotte Russe and manages a personal style blog called Backyard Beauty. An obsessive organizer, social media addict and fashion maven, Sammy dreams of living a lavish life as a magazine contributor in New York City after graduation. Follow her on Twitter @sammysays19 and Instagram @backyardbeautyxo or visit backyardbeautyxo.tumblr.com/.
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