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Spring Recipes for Welcoming the Warm Weather

As someone who has spent their entire life in New England, celebrating spring has become one of the most exciting times of the year. As the weather warms, herbs and vegetables such as fiddleheads, parsnips, nettles, pea greens, arugula and so many more all become available for harvest. In my opinion, there is no better way to welcome a new season than to cook up some nutritional and flavorful dishes with the new fresh produce available. Below are a collection of just a few of a vast amount of recipes that incorporate some of these delicious seasonal ingredients. 

1. Spring Pea and Radish Salad 

Nothing says spring like peas, and there’s no better way to soak up the warm weather and incorporate peas into a dish than by putting them into this crisp salad from taste of home. This satisfyingly light and crunchy salad is a wonderful vegetarian meal, and can be made vegan by simply replacing the honey with agave. 

2. Spring Pea Pasta

Craving something with a little more carbs? Sylvia from Feasting at Home has you covered! This beautifully green dish doesn’t just look like spring. It has all the comfort of pasta, combined with the fresh spring flavors of peas, lemon, and mint. 

3. Spinach Pesto Pasta With Shrimp

If you are a pesto lover, this recipe from CookingLight will blow your mind. Spinach comes into season in May here in New England, so if you’re looking for the right fresh greens to add to a dish this spring, their delicious spinach pesto is the way to go. Combined with juicy shrimp and penne, I can think of no better way to create a flavorful and fresh springtime pesto dish.

4. Rhubarb Custard Cake 

No list of recipes would be complete without a desert! This Rhubarb Custard cake from bon appetit is both colorful and mouth-watering. Rhubarb, which comes into season mid may is a flavorful sweet and tart vegetable that some people describe as tasting similar to strawberries. This soft cake will tame any sweet tooth, and could also be enjoyed with a steaming cup of nettle tea for the perfect spring vibes!

I hope this list inspires people to celebrate the coming warm weather (or maybe to just celebrate some good food!). Have a wonderful, safe, and nutritious spring!

Sophie Farrell

Emmanuel '23

Current sophomore at Emmanuel College pursuing a major in Writing, Editing, and Publishing
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