The Season of Change: Dealing with Change in My Life

 Autumn is the season of change. The season of awesome beauty and great loss. As we witness the red and orange leaves falling from trees, preparing for the cold dark winter ahead, we must also reflect on how this relates to our personal lives. Much like the roller coaster of changing seasons, all of us experience roller coasters of emotion and some degree of development. We must see the beauty in this change, just as we can see the beauty of autumn leaves. None of us doubt the loveliness of autumn scenery, even though we know a desolate landscape is to come, so why would we deprive our personal life of such recognition? Change means emotional growth and maturity. We must accept this period of great color and vibrancy among nature, the barron landscape to come, and remember that rebirth and growth awaits us in spring.

Photo by Rosemary Murphy

    Over the past few months, due to my partner and I breaking up, I’ve learned to embrace these constant changes and curve-balls life likes to throw at us. I’ve learned that nothing is meant to stay the same forever, even people must grow and evolve. Sometimes this change happens without us even being conscious of it. For example, a college freshman will likely be an entirely different person with a contrasting mindset by the time they graduate. Sometimes, however, this change happens abruptly, like with a break-up. Summer turns to autumn with gradual weather changes, yet we don’t notice until one day we wake up and the leaves had abruptly changed. The new transformation is embraced with open arms, which is exactly the attitude we should have about changes in life. 

Photo by Rosemary Murphy

Withought change, things will stay stagnant and die. Without change, there is no fun or adventure in life. Without change, you’ll stay in your comfort zone so there is no opportunity for growth. Although certain life changing events may be hard to accept, it’s much easier in the long run to embrace change than to fight it. Change can be scary and uncomfortable at times, but only when you let yourself think of change in this way. It takes a strong person to embrace change, especially emotionally taxing events. A transition in life may not make sense while you’re experiencing it, but the passage of time often grants us a better happier life. This happier place is often a place without pain or regret. 

    Personally, I acknowledge that my breakup was for the better and overall I am a happier person, but I still occasionally miss my partner and that’s ok. Our feelings have to be recognized and listened to in order for each person to know what path they should take to move ahead. When we can adapt and move forward, we don’t have to move backwards. When adapting to change becomes too difficult, we must ultimately adopt a positive attitude and remember that spring is coming: the season of rebirth and new life.