Saying a “See you later” to Social Media Director Betsy Roy

 ​This week’s senior profile features one of our amazing social media directors, Miss Betsy Roy! Read on to learn all about Betsy’s favorite Her Campus Emmanuel memories and advice for underclassmen and HC writers.

Full Name: Betsy Roy

Major: History and Secondary Education

Dream Job: Secretary of Education

HC Exec Board Position: Social Media Director

Favorite Emmanuel Class: Her student teaching capstone  

Favorite thing to do in Boston: Eat. #BrunchWithBetsy

HCE: Tell us a little about your involvement with Her Campus Emmanuel.

Betsy Roy: I was fortunate enough to be a part of the founding, OG, if you will, group of Her Campus Emmanuel. At first I was really interested in writing, and I always liked social media. I like the idea of having an Instagram aesthetic and I’ve loved being the social media director for the last two years. Sammy and I started the Instagram account with like fifty followers and we have over seven hundred now-- that’s an amazing thing to be a part of.

HCE: What are some of your fondest HC memories?

BR: The fashion shows, because they were not only fantastic events for the school but also brought our board and general members together. I also loved the toy drive for Boston Children’s last year. [I love] Whenever we do something that is empowering or gives back to the community.

HCE: Are there any articles you’ve written or social media posts that stand out to you?

BR: I wrote a reaction to the rape case on campus last Summer and I worked on it with Sammy so I had her input too. I think it was really important for us to have a voice in that, because it’s so pertinent to all college campuses.

HCE: I loved that piece, and I also have a personal favorite of your social media posts.

BR: You do?

HCE: After the election, you posted this picture of what makes up a country. I knew you were the one who posted it and I think it was one of our finest moments on social media. That was what everyone, political views aside, needed to hear the day after that election. It didn’t alienate anyone, and it was the best thing on the internet that day.

BR: Some of my goals are to be inclusive and an intersectional feminist, so thank you.  

HCE: Do you have anything on your senior year bucket list before you graduate?

BR: I’ve always wanted to go to the Coolidge Corner Theatre, I haven’t been there. I also want to get a beer at Fenway but that hasn’t happened yet.

HCE: Those are two great goals! What are some words of wisdom for the Her Campus Emmanuel chapter?

BR: I’ve seen so much growth over a short period of time, we can only go up from here. Stay passionate, stay involved, stay active on campus. I think we have a really strong presence for being a new chapter, which is remarkable. Keep writing funny articles, keep writing thought- provoking articles, keep writing.

HCE: Finally, sum up your college experience in a song title or lyric.

BR: That’s a hard question, a good question, but a hard question. The first thing that comes to mind is that Kenny Loggins song, Celebrate Me Home. I think it’s a Christmas song. No, wait… that Unwritten song. The rest is still unwritten.

Thank you for all of your hard work, humor, and creativity over the past few years, Betsy! We will miss you lots and look forward to seeing you as Secretary of Education someday.