Reflecting on the Year 2020

As finals are around the corner, and the end of the year is finally here, I think it's important to reflect the year 2020, regardless of how positive or negative it was. 2020 in general was an unconventional year, to say the least. I graduated highschool in May, with a virtual ceremony, turning the tassel of my cap on the couch. I didn’t have a prom, senior skip day, senior trip, graduation party, or other milestone events that I have looked forward to all 4 years of high school. When I was ready to move into college, the school unexpectedly went virtual. Although it was for the best, at that point, my hopes and expectations for the rest of the year were very low. I have been spending the past 4 months at home imagining what I would be doing in Boston. 

    Although this year was challenging, I am so grateful I was able to quarantine with my family safely, have access to groceries every week, and technology to continue my school work. I know the pandemic has caused millions of people to lose their job, putting them and their family to struggle financially. Also there have been millions of deaths throughout the world, leaving family members not able to say goodbye or have a proper burial. After hearing the sad stories of how COVID-19 has affected people, I stopped dwelling on missing my graduation or prom.  This  pandemic has not only taught me anything is possible, but to remind me of how privileged and blessed I am. In the future, when we can stand closer than 6 feet, not wear masks, see our family and friends again, I hope to remember what I learned when the world was suffering. To constantly  remind myself to care for others and not judge, as they may be experiencing a hard time in their life. Though we all didn’t expect 2020 to turn out this way, for many, it was a humbling experience and truly a reality check to appreciate our surroundings.