My Past Life Regression Experience

I recently did a deep guided meditation called a past life regression, and it was the most vivid and intense experience I have ever had. A past life regression is when you deeply go into meditation and delve into your past memories for your other lives, and you see and experience those experiences, emotions, and moments all over again. 

    Now, I’ll tell you a bit about mine. The video, which I will link at the end of this article, began with a simple meditation to get your body and mind relaxed and ready for what was to come. After that he had you remember a memory from when you were a child in this life. My memory was a very simple one where I was in my kitchen in a baby seat being fed some sort of green baby food by my mother with my dad there. It may sound so simple and so insignificant, but for some reason this resonated with me a great amount because those were such simple times where everything was at ease.

    After this, he explained how you can open your eyes at any moment if you get too anxious or you can simply float above the memories instead of experiencing them again if it gets too intense. After this he brings you to a door where behind it are the memories from your past life. I want to also acknowledge that I believe everyone lives multiple lives, and if you feel connected on a deeper level to someone in this life and they are not apparent in these memories it does not invalidate those feelings. This is simply a few memories from a single life you have led in the past and this person just may not be present in these memories and can be more present in other lives you have lived.

    The first thing I experienced after walking through the door was seeing myself in some sort of old-timey-styled horse riding clothing, so I knew I enjoyed horse riding. I also experienced flashes of me dancing in a hallway with a man with me in a Victorian styled pink dress. I have an idea of who the man is, but we will get to that later. My first memory was my birth, and as I did not visualize it I felt the experience of it, and noticed how relieved and overjoyed my parents were when I was born. 

    Flashforward, and I see myself walking around, I acknowledge my name, or what my nickname was because this was not a common name at the time which I believe to be Victorian era, was Carly. Walking around was the main form of transportation at this time, and I recall seeing a man on the street that kept catching my eye through it all. Yes it is the same man from the hallway and yes we will get into him more.

    Next memory was at a masquerade ball where I’m in a gold dress and I just remember looking around for someone and I couldn’t figure out who I was looking for until I saw him. James. That’s the name that ran through my mind when I saw his face, and that’s the man I was seeing everywhere. The only issue with James was it was a different time and I was wealthier at this time and he was not so it was looked down upon for me to see him. We danced that night, and then went outside to a bench under a full moon. He picked me grass and twigs as a gift because he couldn’t afford anything else and at that moment I knew this was the man who was going to be my husband. I just know the love I had for him was unlike anything else, and I simply cannot wait to experience that in this lifetime as someone who has never experienced love in a romantic fashion. 

    I wish I could have stayed in that memory forever with James; it was safe, it was comforting, it was home to me. Alas, the meditation moved forward and the next memory was not as joyful… we moved onto how I died. I saw myself in a wood cabin with James at my side and me giving childbirth. I passed after that. I remember feeling the concern I felt for my child, which I realize was a boy, and the fear that he won’t make it and the fear that James would have to raise this child without me. I cried during this. I felt all of the emotions all over again that I experienced in this time, and it was intense.

    After this moment the meditation brought us into the vast universe where we saw a spirit guide and the guide had their moment to tell us any advice they knew we needed to hear. It was at the end of the experience that I realized it was my grandfather who was my spirit guide and he told me “be free. You’re okay to live your life” which absolutely touched me. I struggle a lot with anxiety, so hearing him tell me to be free and to experience life to what it is was exactly what I needed as someone who feels tied down to all of their stressors and negativity. After this, we slowly came back to reality and I had to process everything I had just experienced.

    I know that everything you just read sounds absolutely insane, and trust me I wasn’t even sure if I would experience anything going into it. However, it was a beautiful and peaceful experience that really has shaped how I am continuing to live my life and process the death of people in my life. My suggestions for going about doing this are to make sure you’re in a proper headspace to experience this (you don’t want to be in any sort of negative headspace to delve deeper into your brain and your memories), cleanse your space, and make sure you have a person to talk about your experience with once you’re complete… trust me you’ll want that. To close off, here is the link for the regression; it’s a beautiful experience that I want you all to have as well. Sending you love and light on your journey into your past memories.