Meet this Week’s Campus Cutie: Moose Berens

If you go to Emmanuel College, you are well aware of the fluffiest member of our community, Moose Berens. Moose is a staff member here at Emmanuel who works with Facilities. He even has an official Emmanuel Staff ID! He belongs to fellow facilities worker, Matt Berens, a.k.a. Maintenance Man Matt. This bear-like dog is as friendly as he is large. No one thinks twice about petting Moose when they see him; how could you resist!?! Let’s find out more about this Campus Cutie...

Age: 6

Breed: Leonberger

Hometown: I was born in Michigan, but was only there for 8 weeks before I boarded a plane to Boston, so I don’t really count it. I’ve lived in this awesome city ever since!

Years at Emmanuel: I’ve been making regular visits since I was two months old, but I’ve been chasing the geese away officially for about two years.

Relationship status: I’m currently single at the moment. I’m still getting over my ex, Minnie. It was long distance so it didn’t work out.

HCE: How did you get hired at Emmanuel? Was it a difficult process?

Moose: I was hired because the geese in the area kept hanging out on campus and pooping all over it. They’re not intimidated by most people, but they freak out and fly away when I’m around. Once people started noticing how much nicer and poop free the campus looked, I was asked to  be full time.

HCE: What's your favorite food?

Moose: I have many favorites. I love tomatoes, fruit, moms homemade meatballs, and pretty much any leftovers that are onion free. I’ll never say no to a treat or rawhide!

HCE: What's your afternoon activity of choice?

Moose: My most favorite thing to do is swim at the beach. I also love to nap and go for rides in dad’s Jeep!

HCE: What’s your favorite spot on campus?

Moose: I love hanging out in the office. I get so many visitors and so many awesome treats!

HCE: You must tell us; how do you keep your coat so sheen?  

Moose: Well, I don’t do the best job staying clean. I love to swim and roll around in the dirt, but I hate baths so I often smell like low tide. My parents brush and bathe me as much as they can, and I go to the groomers every other month or so. I try to look my best, but getting dirty is way too much fun.

You can keep up with Moose by following him on Instagram at @mooseman526!