Meet the Director of "The World Goes 'Round": an Interview with Joe Deauna ('16)

Joe Deauna is a busy senior double majoring in Biology and Music-Theatre. Students majoring in Theatre at Emmanuel must student-direct a show in order to complete their major. Joe completed this requirement this semester by directing The World Goes ‘Round. The show went up this weekend (final performance tonight at 8pm), and was a huge success! HCE had the opportunity to sit down with this student director to find out more about the show and his busy life!

HCE: How is it juggling your two majors?

Joe: It’s chaos. They’re so different, sometimes I question how I do it, but it’s so rewarding. The fact they’re different doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 

HCE: What is your favorite part about theater?

Joe: It’s such a fascinating form of expression. There’s a scene, or a song, that can express anything. And if you found an emotion, or scenario, that hasn’t been expressed, you can write it. It’s a very open art form. 

HCE: Why did you choose The World Goes ‘Round as your student directed?

Joe: I think [World Goes 'Round composers] Kander & Ebb do a really good job at writing about people, for people. A lot of the songs can be quirky, but you get them. They are about real life people and real life things. 

HCE: What was your favorite part about directing?

Joe: I loved getting to work with everyone. I think it was great that I was able to pick a really good tech crew and great cast, who I could throw any idea at. I’m not the most eloquent person, and they would all help me put my ideas words. The collaboration of this piece was a defining aspect. 

HCE: What was the biggest challenge?

Joe: I’d say just getting the whole show done in six weeks. There was so much that was thrown together in this process, and only having a few hours each night really required everyone giving 110%. This was a very hard working cast and crew, and I think that shows. 

HCE: How did you feel watching the show after it was all put together? 

Joe: It was a pleasant surprise, because when I first came up with the concept, I had a pre-conceived notion of what it was supposed to look like. The the actors and the crew came in and added so much personality and character that it is still the show I wanted it to be, but so much more. It’s an individualistic show, while still being a group effort. 

HCE: How do you feel now that its over?

Joe: A little relieved [laughs]. But it will also make me long for the next theatre opportunity. 

HCE: Music seems very important to you as well. What role does music play in your life? 

Joe: Yes, music was always a natural art form in which I could express myself. Sometimes I struggle with words, but there is always an interval, or chord, that I can play and say, “Yes. That is how I feel on the inside”. It is open to expression but also very true to how you’re feeling.

HCE: If theatre and music were in a burning building and you could only save one, which would you save?

Joe: Ah! [long pause] I think I would save theatre, because it is a wider art form that I think music can grow out of. But I think the simplistic elements of movement and speech that compose acting, and theatre, pave the way for other art forms.

HCE: Besides theatre and music, how else do you spend your time? 

Joe: Commuting, crying over organic chemistry, and trying my best to find time to sleep.

HCE: Any words of wisdom?

Joe: Believe in the people around you and good things will happen. 

Congratulations on putting together such a great show, Joe! We look forward to seeing what you accomplish next!