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Meet “Big Man on Campus” Cutie: Peter Donato (’17)

Our next featured Big Man on Campus nominee is Peter Donato! Peter, who is always a friendly face on campus, is currently the women’s basketball manager (his team nominated him for B.M.O.C.), and is passionate about sports. Splitting his time between pre-practicum hours, coursework, the many clubs he’s involved in, and basketball gives him an extremely busy schedule. However, he was able to take the time to talk to us about why he is excited for Big Man on Campus!

Hometown: Framingham, Massachusetts

Major: Secondary Education and History

Relationship Status: Single like a pringle

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

HCE: Are you excited for Big Man on Campus?

PD: Of course, it’s going to be a great night!

HCE: Can you give us any insider information about your performance?

PD: Four people on campus know about it, and that’s how it’ll remain until the day of the event.

HCE: [Laughs] There’s nothing you can say?

PD: Be ready to laugh. It’s going to be fun [chuckles]. You’ll enjoy it.

HCE: I’m sure we will! So, Peter, why should you win?

PD: I think I’m well liked by most of the campus, and my talent is going to be key in solidifying my win. Sorry, can’t say anything else.

HCE: That’s okay! We’re excited for the big night! So, if you could have any superpower, what would it be?

PD: I want to fly.

HCE: That would be awesome! Why flying?

PD: I have friends in forty different states, and plane tickets are expensive. Maybe I’ll just move to Utah?

HCE: Do you want to leave Massachusetts after graduation?

PD: [With pride] Massachusetts will always be home, and I don’t plan on leaving!

HCE: Massachusetts is such a wonderful state. So, what’s your dream job?

PD: Basketball coach. No question.

HCE: You’d be a great coach! Finally, what are three words that describe you?

PD: The three C’s: caring, compassionate, and competitive.

Thank you so much for the interview, Peter. We hope you do well in the competition! 

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Betsy Roy


Betsy is a senior at Emmanuel College studying secondary education and history, and is the chapter's Social Media Director. Believing she'll pen the next Great American Novel, Betsy enjoys: art museums, long walks on the beach, and napping in front of fireplaces.
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