A Guide to Black Friday

 Shopping on Black Friday is tradition for me.  It is the one day that my family and I get to spend together without interruption. We head out at 10pm Thanksgiving night and shop until late Friday evening. Without further ado, here are the best tips to insure a great Black Friday:

Dress warm

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Bundle up, folks, and be prepared to wait in long lines. Wear your best coat, double up on socks, and make sure your shoes are waterproof if rain or snow is in the forecast.

Get out early and score early deals

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This means less sleep, but the sooner you can get to the stores, the more likely you are to find the items you want. Plan to wake up early (or stay up really late) to get all the must-haves. Many retailers now put items on sale before Black Friday. Target is open until 11pm Thanksgiving and their credit card holders can gain access to doorbusters then.  

Shop late

Retailers want to keep shoppers in the store all day long; they prepare for this consumer holiday all year. Most of the time well known establishments will offer late shopper deals in addition to the early bird offers. Read the fine print in flyers to determine your product’s criteria and you might be able to sleep in, avoid the crowds, and still get that must-buy.

Avoid using a shopping cart if possible

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This can save a lot of time and energy! Maneuvering carts through crowds of people is difficult and can slow you down. Collect a few shopping bags and take them with you instead. If a carriage isa must have, make it your mission to have a shopping buddy- they can stay with the carriage while you grab that crowd-pleaser item.  

Talk to people in line

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Christmas is a time of spreading cheer and kindness. Wish the person in front of you a Happy Holidays. Ask them where they are headed next and what their must buy of the day is! Not only will it make time in a long line pass, but you might gain a future Black Friday shopping partner!  

These are just a few quick tricks to make Black Friday your best shopping day of the year. Good luck and happy shopping!