Getting to Know the Faculty: An Interview with Maintenance Man Matt

Matt Berens is one of several dedicated facilities workers we have here at Emmanuel College. You most likely know him as “Maintenance Man Matt”, and have see him walking around campus with his dog, Moose. What you may not know is that he is an Emmanuel Alumnus, who received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Matt is also currently working on getting his master’s degree in Facilities Management at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. But what more is there to know about Matt besides an alliterate nickname and a large, fluffy dog? I was given the opportunity to find out in an interview with this well-known face of the Emmanuel community.

HCE: How long have you worked at Emmanuel?

Matt: Ten years now

HCE: What's your favorite part about working at Emmanuel?

Matt: The people I get to work with every day!

HCE: Any funny maintenance-related stories?

Matt: I work with a guy named George…. So there are a lot of them.

HCE: What’s your favorite type of maintenance work?

Matt: Any type of work that involves being outside.

HCE: Are you aware of your nickname "Maintenance Man Matt"?

Matt: I had no idea…

HCE: How do you feel about having that nickname/being Emmanuel Famous?

Matt: Haha… No comment.

HCE: Wait, did you really not know about your nickname, or was that sarcasm?

Matt: Haha, I’ve heard some of my co-workers say things about that, I try to pretend like I don’t hear them.

HCE: Gotcha. So where's your favorite spot in the city?

Matt: Any spot along the Charles.

HCE: What is a hobby of yours?

Matt: I hike, snowboard, and play a lot of yard games, but mostly I like hanging at the beach with friends and family.

HCE: Anything you want to say to the Emmanuel community?

Matt: If it ain’t broke, then don’t try and fix it… And if it is broke, send a Work Order to Facilities!

Words of wisdom we can take to heart. Thanks for all you do at Emmanuel, Matt!