Fun, Cost Effective Things to do in Boston During Winter

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Visiting Boston during the winter allows you to experience things you would never be able to during summer! There is little to no crowds in the winter and a multitude of experiences for everyone to love this winter. Winter is just beginning here in New England so here is a short compilation of activities to do in the city.


1. Ice-skating!

There is a multitude of options for ice skating in the city of Boston: outdoor skating at the frog pond in the Boston Commons, indoor skating at the Steriti Memorial Rink in the North end, and the Boston skating path at city hall plaza! All of these options are tons of fun and very cost effective for the holiday budget. No need to bring or buy your own skates either, as these places all offer rental skates as well as ice-skating lessons.


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2. Sporting Events

Tis’ the season for Bruins and Celtics games! While tickets can get expensive if you purchase them close to the rink/court, nosebleed seats are very economical and  just as fun! Your tickets may not be at the center of the action if you're being wallet-friendly, but you’re still surrounded by a rowdy and fun atmosphere! This option is an easy way to become more connected with the city of Boston while remaining warm!


3. Sledding on Boston Commons!

After a heavy snowfall, all your inner child wants to do is go play! The Boston Common hills are the perfect way to satisfy some of these inner desires. Filled with happy children of all ages, you’re sure to have a great time in the great New England city.


4. Frostbite Sailing

For avid sailors, this winter excursion is rare! Many sailboats only sail during the summer, which makes for many excited on-lookers. Not many people can say they’ve sailed during the dead of winter, can you? You can access information on Frostbite Sailing through the Boston Sailing Center’s website.

Yes, winters can get cold, but Boston in the winter is unparalleled in experiences! From ice-skating to a winter coat ride, fun is guaranteed. The breath-taking snow-covered scenery makes the experiences all the more fun.