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The Friendly Face Behind Service Learning at Emmanuel: Deirdre Bradley-Turner

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

Since it is National Volunteer Week, it seemed like the perfect time to sit down with Emmanuel’s own Deirdre Bradley-Turner. Whether or not you have worked with Deirdre, she can always be seen as a smiling face in the Mission and Ministry Office and an admired member of the Emmanuel community. Let’s hear more about what she has to say about service learning and how you can get involved during National Volunteer Week and throughout the year!

Deirdre, fourth from the left, with student and staff leaders from ASB Phoenix ‘16

Her Campus at Emmanuel: How many years have you been at Emmanuel College?

Deirdre Bradley-Turner: I have been at Emmanuel for 15 years as an employee; however, I completed my undergraduate education at Emmanuel in 1998. I also graduated with a Master of Science in Management degree from Emmanuel in 2012.

HCE: Could you tell us more about what you do here at Emmanuel?

DBT: My official title is the Director of Community Service and Service-Learning. I work with undergraduate students, engaging and involving them in different aspects of the community. There are a variety of service opportunities that are provided at Emmanuel, for example, the Four-Year Service Program, service learning courses, Summer Service Fellowships and week long service trips such as Alternative Spring Break. I also work with our community partners to assess what their needs are and place students accordingly.

HCE: I love that the four-year service program allows students to be able to work with and develop bonds with the organization they are working with. With that being said, what does mean to you?

DBT: To me, service is connected to our faith; it is what we are called to do. I have always considered my first vocation to be my family and my second vocation to be education. I value my education and believe that it can be used to give back to and serve the community.

HCE: I really admire how you view service and I too believe that people can use their education to give back to the community. If you could choose, what is your favorite memory of a volunteer experience you have had at Emmanuel?

DBT: I don’t think that I have a favorite memory of any particular volunteer experience, although all of my favorite memories are related to Alternative Spring Break. Each ASB trip is unique and different. I enjoy being able to travel with students, working on daily reflections, and focusing on social justice for the community.

HCE: I would have to say that after participating this year on ASB, that would definitely be my favorite memory. What are some other ways that students can get involved volunteering at Emmanuel?

DBT: Emmanuel partners with various organizations throughout the Boston area. Some of these places include Pine Street Inn, OLPH Mission Grammar School, and Rosie’s Place (you can find the complete list of partnerships here). There is also still time to sign up for the Annual Spring Day of Service on April 30th!

HCE: Do you have any advice for anyone who may be thinking about getting involved?

DBT: A great way to start service is with a group of friends: it’s a great team builder!

Thank you so much for sitting down and talking with us, Deirdre! Keep reading for a few fun facts about Deirdre Bradley-Turner!

Favorite restaurant in Boston: Sweet Life Bakery & Cafe in Dorchester, Massachusetts

Favorite family vacation destination: Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Favorite subject in school: History

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be: Ireland

If you would like to contact Deirdre Bradley-Turner to find out more information about different volunteer opportunities you can get involved with, email her at bradleyd@emmanuel.edu or check out her Twitter @BradleydDeirdre @EmmanuelCollege.

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