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9 Things to Thank Our Moms For

Mother’s Day: the one designated day a year where we are supposed to show appreciation for the lovely ladies that brought us into the world and love us unconditionally. Although really, it seems like moms deserve much more than just a single day’s worth of recognition for all the amazing things they do for us. Whether your mom is hip and trendy, your BFF, or a shoulder to cry on on bad days, here are some things we think all moms deserve a shoutout for!

1. Literally giving birth and raising us

Let’s be real, moms deserve all the prizes for being able to calm screaming children and for, you know, actually bringing us all into the world. Shoutout to my mom for not disowning me when I was rambunctious and stubborn for the first eight or so years of my life. You are a rockstar and I hope I can be half the mom you were to my own kiddos one day.

2. Always providing snacks

No mom will ever let anybody go hungry, whether it’s by baking endless goodies or keeping a plethora of crackers and store-bought cookies on hand. Thanks also for calling to check up on us when we go away to college to make sure we actually ate a meal today that didn’t consist of poptarts or cereal stolen from the dining hall.

3. Listening to us vent about nothing

I’m pretty sure that when you become a mom, you sign some kind of contract saying you will willingly listen to your kids complain, whether it’s about something important or completely irrelevant. Thank you for always just listening and actually caring about the prom drama and how much we hate our bosses.

4. Giving the best advice

On the other hand, there are times that we do need your worldly wisdom. Thanks for always knowing exactly what to say to ease our minds.

5. Somehow always being able to fix almost any problem and locate any lost items

Moms have this inherent ability to know what to do when we get chocolate on white pants or can’t find our keys. I don’t know how you do it, but thank you for being the ultimate problem-solver.

6. Being willing to drop everything and be at our side immediately when we need it

This probably goes along with the ability of moms to love us no matter what kind of dumb things we do. You are always ready to do whatever we need to help us out, even if it’s inconvenient for you. Thank you for being the first person to always have my back.

7. Allowing us to make our own mistakes 

Moms almost always know what is best for us, even before we know it ourselves. And while they know when we need advice and guidance, they also always know when we need to just mess up and make the mistakes ourselves so that we can learn from them and grow as people. They refrain from saying “I told you so” and instead they are there to help us pick up the pieces and move on.

8. Being engaged and invested in our lives

My mom never fails to amaze me with all the details she remembers about my life, whether it’s which classes I have on Mondays or the names and hometowns of all my college friends. She always remembers to ask me how that test I was worried about went or if I actually tried that recipe she sent me, on top of all the stuff she has to think about in her own life – and my life isn’t even all that interesting. Must be a mom thing; thank you for being so selfless and caring.

9. Always reminding us what’s most important in life

I want to personally thank my mom for giving me the strong moral backbone I now at the age of 21 realize I have. Thanks for teaching me that money doesn’t bring you happiness, that life has a funny way of working things out when you least expect it, and to always just be myself and do my thing.

To all the fantastic, beautiful, strong moms out there: you have shaped us into the people we are today, and we love you for it! Thank you for all these things and about a million more. Happy Mother’s Day!

Holliston//Boston Current senior at EC, future teacher of your children Things that make me happy include: Christmas, new bottles of nail polish, ice cream cookie sandwiches, a good book, and anyone who can understand my Friends jokes. 
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