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5 Tips for Learning to Love Yourself

Growing up is hard to do, and it is even harder when you are struggling with self love. As I have grown up, I have been taking note of what has helped me learn to love myself. Everyone must get the jist of learning to love themselves, before loving someone else. Here are my 5 tips on how to learn to love yourself…

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1. Embrace your unique features and characteristics

One tip that is more useful than you may think is embrace yourself in all types of ways. When you look in the mirror find one feature you may not like, and begin embracing it. Tell yourself how this unique feature makes you stand out for the better.  Also, this embracing of yourself doesn’t even have to be a psychical feature, it can be a characteristic you hold. Personally, on my path to learning how to love myself I have began to embrace my truly and utterly nerdy characteristics. I like reading comics, seeing marvel movies, and even learning how to get better at video games.

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2. Educate Yourself on body types

In this world there are a variety of body types, each no better or worse than the others. On this mission to achieve self love, you must educate yourself on which body type you fall under. Knowing your body type can help you find different ways to see yourself in a more positive light. One benefit to knowing your body type is that you can determine what styles and articles of clothing will flatter your body best, which can lead you to being more confident and loving yourself even more.

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3. Set a goal for manageable change or acceptance

We are always so quick to jump to far off or unrealistic goals when it come to our body image and/or weight. Take the time out of your day to sit down and figure out which goals you can make that are manageable and will help you feel more happy with yourself. I can share that for me, I simply make a goal to watch my portions at each meal, but love my body and self enough to not always follow a strict diet.

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4. Treat yourself when you can

Every now and then you need to acknowledge the love you have for yourself, and treat yourself. This can be as simple as taking a power nap because you deserve it, all the way to the extreme of splurging and buying the Gucci wallet you’ve been saving up for. Many men and women do not take the time to acknowledge just how good of a job at life they are truly doing. When I want to think about where I am in life at the moment, I choose to treat myself by doing a face mask treatment and destressing with some Netflix.

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5. Talk things out

If you are noticing yourself taking steps back on the self love scale, reach out to someone and talk about your feelings. You need to get in tune with how you feel, and that may take time and talking through your thoughts with others. For example, when I am noticing i am having a lot of self hatred rather than self love, I call my boyfriend or my mom to talk about why I am feeling this way. A great benefit to reaching out is that whoever you are talking to may even be able to offer advice or words of encouragement to help you get back on your positive self loving path.

Always remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the same goes along with the journey of self acceptance. Embracing your own unique features, knowing your body type, setting manageable goals, treating yourself, & talking things out, is the beginning to this journey. I hope these 5 tips have helped you open your eyes to the simplicity and greatness of self love. Never give up on loving yourself.

Gabrielle Raye Huapaya is a sophomore and studying Psychology: Health & Counseling, as well as Sociology: Criminology at Emmanuel College. Gab enjoys traveling, interior design and being a happy dog mom.
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