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13 Reasons Why Boston Is the Best Place to Go to College

Choosing a college is probably the toughest Adult Decision you’ll make at the young age of eighteen. And while there are many colleges and cities that house them across the country, there is only one Boston and it’s the best choice you can make. Read on to find out why!

1. The food - You can get chodawh or lobstah down in the Seaport District and then make your way down to the North End for cannolis from Mike’s (or literally any other pastry shop on Hanover Street). We can cater to your cravings, trust us. Plus, for all you students out there who are feeling too lazy to wander down your street and find the nearest pizza place: don’t worry, it probably delivers.

2. The sheer number of colleges - Boston is a true college town, and there are so many schools here it’s too hard to keep track. There are options here for almost all career paths, be it medical, art, technical, liberal arts, or anything else your heart desires. This also means that the city is swarming with young adults just trying to figure out life, and plenty of student discounts to help us survive on what little money we’ve managed to save. You’ll fit in here just fine.

3. The nightlife scene - For all you 21+ students out there, rest assured Boston has you covered with a lively bar scene every weekend. Whether you prefer to sit at a bar with friends and chat, cheer on the local teams at sports bars with a beer in hand, or hit the dance floor, there are bars suited for just about every social butterfly here in this tiny city.

4. The sports teams - You knew this one had to be coming. Even if sports aren’t really your thing, you’ll find yourself singing along to Sweet Caroline with a Fenway Frank in hand at some point during your college career or cheering on the Pats (aka Tom Brady) from your couch. We’ve got some of the best (a clear unbiased opinion) sports teams in the country and some of the most passionate fans you’ll ever meet. It’s impossible not to get swept up in the fun of it and college is the perfect time to do so. Just don’t skip too many classes to get last minute Sox tickets.

5. The historic sites - If you’re a probable history major or just like to learn about the founding of our country, Boston is the place for you. Half of this city is a historic landmark and there’s so much to learn. You can tour the Freedom Trail, visit the State House, or take a duck tour. It’s one of the benefits of being one of the first cities founded in America and we milk it for all it’s worth.

6. The entertainment - We’ve got the intimate House of Blues and the giant TD Garden for all your concert needs. Gillette Stadium and the Xfinity Center are both only a short ride away, too, not to mention the Orpheum Theater and the Boston Opera House for  you theater-goers out there. And the best part about going to see those shows while you’re a college student here in Boston is that you don’t have to worry about parking your car and sitting in hours of post-concert traffic along with half the earth’s population: you can just walk, Uber, or take the T home! It’s a miracle.

7. The neighborhoods - Kenmore, Roxbury, Beacon Hill, Southie, Seaport: each of the neighborhoods of Boston have a personality and energy of their own, and it’s so fun to spend the weekend exploring and getting to know the nooks and crannies of your college town. Chances are you’ll stumble upon a new fantastic place to eat or a hidden gem of a park, and the best part is that it’ll be different from anything you may have found in another neighborhood. There’s so much diversity here; you’ll want to get out there and get to know every area.

8. The surrounding cities - And if those neighborhoods weren’t enough for you, there’s the cities in the greater Boston area, like Dorchester, Brighton, Cambridge, or Brookline. Each of these places still has a touch of that Boston feel that we all know and love, but they’re each different in their own way, too. College is a time for you to grow as a person, become independent, and spread your wings.oing to school in a city surrounded by a whole bunch of smaller cities provides endless opportunities for you to find whatever it is you’re looking for, even if you’re still unsure of what that may be.

9. The Harbor/Charles River - Just because you’ll be living in the city doesn’t mean you’ll be deprived of your favorite ocean views! Boston sits right on the coast and the Atlantic Ocean is there for you to gaze at all day long if you take the trip down to the Seaport District. Plus, we have the Charles River, which is perfect for an afternoon of kayaking with friends or to serve as the background for an early morning solo run. Either way, you’ll want to Instagram that beautiful Boston skyline - no filter needed.

10. The shopping - If you have a shopping addiction the size of North America, Boston is a great place to be (great for you, bad for your bank account). Between the shops at the Pru, Newbury Street, downtown, street markets and more, you’ll find literally everything you could possibly need here. Plus, doing all that walking is great exercise: don’t forget to wear your FitBit!

11. The marathon - Marathon Monday (aka the greatest day of the year) is one of the best days to be a college student in Boston. Whether you're watching from somebody's rooftop with a cold drink in hand or cheering yourself hoarse at the finish line, it's a great day to spend with friends celebrating the strength of this beautiful city. You'll never see so many people come together as one as you will on this magical day, and seeing thousands of people run 26.2 miles is nothing short of inspiring. Plus, you don't have to go to class and your friends at other non-Boston colleges probably do, so that automatically scores points in my book.

12. The accessibility - I know what you’re thinking: the driving here is terrible! Yes, that’s true. We are not known for our perfectly laid out streets, although we like to think the cobblestones and one-way streets provide a nice quaint feel. But what Boston lacks in car travel, it makes up for in pedestrian accessibility. Because Boston isn’t a huge city, you can pretty much walk anywhere in the city and it won’t be that far. That’s a huge benefit to going to school here; you won’t need a car to get somewhere remotely interesting like your friends at other schools in suburban or rural areas probably will.

13. The pride - I don’t know where it comes from, but for some reason people who live in Boston would do just about anything to prove their loyalty to this city. You’ll never find a group of people more passionate about their town than you will here in Boston. The pride is infectious, and chances are you’ll find four years of college is enough to make you fall in love with the best city in America, maybe the world. #BostonStrong always.

Whether you’re Massachusetts born and bred or hail from the West Coast, we think you’ll find Boston is a great place to spend your college years. When you find yourself using the Pru as your North Star or cursing the MBTA, you’ll know you’ve made a home here in Boston. No matter what school you pick, you’ll find your own reasons to love this city and it’ll be the best four years of your life.

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