11 Times "Parks & Rec" Described Your Life at Emmanuel

1. On the first day, when your Professor asks everyone in the class to say something about themselves, and you suddenly forget ALL your interests.

2. When you're learning all the alternative ways to make food in a dorm room (and inevitably making a few mistakes).

3. When you go to brunch in the cafeteria on the weekends.

4. When you feel you will never reach the fourth floor of Admin.

5. When your friends have to (slightly aggressively) convince you to take a break, since you probably do approximately 500 things.

6. When a Bon Appetit cook is really owning it at the stir fry or pasta station-- shoutout to Stir Fry Willie!

7. When you know finals are coming, and then they really hit you.

8. And then the puppies come in during finals week and life is so much better.

9. When you’re really struggling to finish that paper.

10. For my fellow seniors, when you were able to pick up your cap and gown for Convocation and Mass of the Holy Spirit, and graduation began to feel too real.

11. When you’re moved back in, and you’re so happy to be back in Boston with your friends!

Have a great semester you beautiful tropical fish!