10 Thoughts of a Second Semester Senior

Senior year is stressful. If you're like me, you find yourself becoming sentimental about random "last times" and are constantly stressing out about the future. However, the end is in sight-- whether we want it to be or not.

1. Entering your Capstone/Senior Seminar during the first week of classes and saying "well, this is it" while looking around and thinking that you definitely thought that girl over there wasn't in your major.

2. How am I supposed to apply to jobs, write my thesis, enjoy spending time with my friends, and be able to sleep with only 24 hours?!

3. I'm an adult. Oh, I'm definitely an adult. I did my laundry today AND made a semi-healthy dinner. Bring it on, post-grad.

4. *ten minutes later* I can't do this. The chicken is undercooked and my laundry is still wet and now I need to go to a club meeting. I'm not an adult, what am I thinking.

5. Whoever invented the cover letter needs to be bought a one way ticket to hell. Why would you do this to me?

6. Do I feel like doing homework or should I watch Netflix in my bed and forget I'm graduating soon? Definitely the second option.

7. This is the last time the chapel bells will ring at noon on my last fifth Monday of my final semester.

8. The Registrar is going to email me any minute and tell me that I'm not going to graduate. It's going to happen. I'm never getting my diploma.

9. But actually, when am I graduating? I'm done with this homework and unnecessary stress.

10. I'm going to miss my friends and my school and using the excuse "I'm a college student" to justify my actions and poor eating habits.

Cheer up, almost-graduates! The future is bright.... hopefully.

All GIFs from gurl.com