10 Snacks to Make Your Mouth Water from Walt Disney World

Due to a lack of motivation and finals in sight, I have found myself wishing every day that I was back at Disney World.  After all, Disney is the place where dreams come true and homework doesn’t exist. One of the best things about Disney is the food, so here is a list to make everyone’s mouths water and forget about school for a brief moment.

1. Mickey Ice Cream Bar

One of the classic, and most refreshing, snacks at Walt Disney World.  I can eat five of these in one day and have no regrets.

2. Dole Whip

Ah, the Dole Whip. Eat one, and you are almost in paradise.

3. Warm Cinnamon Roll

Gaston’s Tavern has some of the biggest and best cinnamon rolls at the Disney Parks. I ate mine while watching the fireworks show, and it was like eating a piece of home.

4. Churros

Oh my gosh, churros.  I hadn’t eaten these bad boys until recently, and they filled my life with so much joy.  I had no idea they were so cinnamon-y and delicious.

5. The Grey Stuff

This one you can only get at the Be Our Guest restaurants, but it is entirely worth it.  Finally fulfill your childhood curiosity at what could possible be good and grey at the same time!

6. Rice Krispie Treats

Just having one of these rice krispie treats brought back so many memories of packed lunches. Definitely a good choice to snack on when at Disney!

7. Candy Apples

I stupidly got a candy apple the last night of the trip and had to eat it quickly.  Definitely so much tastier than I would have expected, and they do such amazing work with the designs!

8. Mickey Pretzel

You’ll never be happier to eat a mouse’s face!

9. Turkey Leg

This is for the hungrier, more adventurous Disney fans that want to release their inner caveman.

10. Fruit and Nutella Waffle Sandwich

This was actually my favorite snack at Disney, and is something you can easily make with any waffle iron!

Next time you end up at Disney World, I hope you try some of these snacks and understand where I am coming from. Like Pooh once said, “What could be more important than something to eat?”