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Want to start using crystals? I’ll show you how to use them properly

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Crystals have become really popular on social media throughout the past few years, but not everyone who hops on the trend knows how to use them properly. Crystals don’t automatically activate once you touch them. There’s several steps you must take to get to that point.

Carole Smile / Unsplash

Do your research

You can’t just buy any crystal out there because your favorite influencer has it. Crystals should match your needs. Research what healing properties each type of crystal can give you. For example, rose quartz promotes love, trust and acceptance in yourself or relationships. Pyrite can be used to attract prosperity and can be used as protection against negative energy or vibrations. You probably wouldn’t know this from the influencers online. Also research the site or store you are buying your crystals from. Some shops sell fake, or lab-made, crystals. These crystals don’t have the healing properties that real crystals possess and will waste your money. Study and buy books that relate to crystals so you can know what you’re investing in and bring in your home. 

Cleanse them

Amazing, you got your crystals and they are in your possession, but don’t use them yet. You first have to cleanse them—and I’m not talking about soap and water. You don’t know where these crystals have come from or who had them in their possession. They could have energy and vibrations on them that you don’t want. Cleansing is used to get rid of these energies so they don’t go onto you. Cleansing can also be good because energies can often attach to the crystal and if you don’t cleanse regularly the crystal can become overloaded and break. Trust me, it has happened to me several times. You can cleanse your crystal in several ways. You can bury them in salt (pink Himalayan salt is preferred, but table salt will work just fine), bury them in dirt, use the sound from a bell or a singing bowl, other crystals (selenite can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals), smoke from incense or smudging (don’t use white sage though, if you do decide to go this route, for it’s reserved for Indigenous People), or moon or sun water. But, again, research the crystals because crystals will diminish in certain elements. For example, malachite, moonstone and selenite cannot go into salt because the salt will cause them to become dull and crack. Also, rose quartz, smokey quartz and aventurine can’t go in the sun or the color will fade. 

Charge them

Crystals are no different than any other energy source you use. They need to be charged. The purpose of charging crystals is to express the energy the crystal possesses to work more vibrancy and longer. You can charge them by sitting them out in the moonlight or sunlight (make sure the crystal can be in the sunlight), burying them in the ground or water (make sure your crystals are able to be water). Cleansing and charging go hand-in-hand and can be done at the same time. But both must be done before working with them. 

Connect to them

This is the easiest step. Once you’ve cleansed and charged your crystal, you must connect with them. You can do this by simply holding them in your hand and doing breathing exercises. You can also do this is by sleeping with them under your pillow or close by or by carrying them around with you throughout the day. This causes the crystals to pick up on your energy so they are able to work with you and only you. 

Set your intention 

Last but not least, set your intention. Like I mentioned before, crystals have several different healing properties, so you have to make sure you tell the crystal what they are being used for. For example, green aventurine can be used to calm and protect the heart and can be used to attract love. You want to use it to heal from a heartbreak. To do this, you will have to hold the crystal in your hand and tell it, aloud, that your intention for this crystal is to help heal your heart from a heartbreak. And that is all you have to do. You can carry them in your backpack, purse and pockets or leave it under your pillow and it will do its job.

Crystals are way more complicated elements to work with than social media lets on. They can be excellent healing tools that will benefit you in many ways, but like any other object, you have to take care of them and connect to them.  And yet, if you take your time with them and treat them with delicacy, you’ll soon become a natural.

Hi, my name is Aricka and I'm a sophomore at Emerson College. I write articles ranging from horror and mystery to astrology and crystals. I hope you enjoy my content!
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