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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Disheveled students donning dark undereye circles, mismatched sweats, and caffeine on an IV mark the beginning of the roughest week in college— finals week. As daunting and stressful as the conclusion of the semester can be, it’s important to take a step back and put your mental health first. Here are some daily self-care activities that you can do throughout finals to treat yourself for your hard work and keep yourself grounded.   


Start your week off on a positive note and treat yourself to your favorite breakfast. Reload your Starbucks app and buy that addictive, overpriced holiday latte you really like or set aside time in the morning to make avocado toast. When eating breakfast, definitely block out that time for yourself— don’t try to multitask and do homework. Put yourself in a productive, positive headspace to set the tone for your day and week. 

You’re a baddie, and you’re going to get through this week no matter what. Let’s get this bread, sis.   


Take a break from studying or writing your paper by watching a holiday movie or the Christmas special of your favorite show. With final projects swirling around, it can be hard to get into the Christmas spirit. Dedicate some time to destress through a cheesy, holiday romance film on Netflix (that new Vanessa Hudgens one cough cough). Make some tea, pop some popcorn, sit back, and relax. 

It’s okay to take breaks when you’re tired. 


Treat yourself to a power nap today or block some time out to just lay down and listen to music. Calming music untangles my nerves and helps me recharge my brain for another round of studying. If you can, take a walk and give yourself time to appreciate all the pretty Christmas decorations. I know cold weather isn’t prime for taking walks, but the gorgeous twinkle lights and festive wreaths make the walk worth it. 

You’re halfway through the week! I’m super proud of you, and you should be proud, too. 


Buy and indulge in your favorite snacks while doing work. Hitting up a CVS and buying yummy snacks feels comforting and somehow makes me feel better about walking into the library for a late night study session. 

You’re doing so well, and you deserve it. 


Partake in a favorite hobby in the morning or afternoon. Read a book, listen to a motivational podcast, play your instrument, or watch your favorite YouTuber’s new video. In the evening, take a long, hot shower or bubble bath and maybe even do a face mask. Set up a bop-filled playlist and jam out in your bathroom. 

You made it, babe! Unwind and destress— the week is over.   

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