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The weather’s getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and the seasonal depression is creeping in. The transitory period from fall to winter usually brings many feelings of gloom, lethargy, and nostalgia. With the business of the holidays and finals, our minds are occupied, and the seasonal depression seems to strike even more for the rest of winter. We may find ourselves feeling unenergized, unmotivated, lonely, and not like ourselves. Here are some things we can try to get out of this funk and make it through the winter season with healthy mindsets. 

Get Outside Early

When the skies are always overcast and the sunsets are early, getting a daily intake of sunlight can be healthy for us. Going for walks in the morning when the skies are clear, and feeling the sun can give you a burst of energy. Even just letting the sunlight into your bedroom can feel refreshing. Winter can feel like endless gloom with the weather and shorter days, so take advantage of the little amount of sunshine while it’s there. 

Listening to Music

Sometimes, something as simple as disconnecting with your surroundings and listening to music can have a great effect on your mood. Whatever you’re going through, there’s probably a song out there that communicates those feelings to provide you with some solace. Since in-person concerts are back, many artists are beginning their tours at the start of 2022. Buy tickets to see your favorite artists, and feel the adrenaline and excitement to take you out of the dull pace of winter. I have a few concerts coming up this winter, and they’re just what I need to get through this period of time. There’s no greater emotional fulfillment than seeing your favorite artist live, and getting to be in that interactive space with thousands of others. 


With the shorter days of the winter, we can look at the upside as more sunsets to experience. Since the sun sets around 4 P.M., many of us will find ourselves still at school or work or just completing our work/school days. Stopping for a moment to take in the colors in the sky and slowing down for a minute can relax our minds. If you’re a morning person, waking up earlier to catch the sunrise could be a calming way to start your day in the winter months. 


Sometimes the winter months are so intolerable and miserable that we just need a way to make the time hurry up. Personally, the quickest way to pass time is to binge seasons of my favorite show or watch a couple movies. If you enjoy reading, get carried away in a book. I know we all have lists of shows, movies, and books we make mental notes to ourselves to finish, so pass the time this winter by keeping your mind occupied. 

If you find yourself falling into the gloom of winter, try some of these tips. Whether they work for you or not, find a routine to comfort yourself during this time. A lot of us feel lonely and depressed during this time, so reaching out to others could provide some comfort as well. Remember that it’s okay to take time for yourself and to always put your mental health first. 

Sara is a third-year Visual and Media Arts Major at Emerson College. Raised in Port Chester, NY she spends most of her time in her favorite city in the world: New York. She uses writing as a creative and healing outlet, writing about her passion for music with concert/album reviews, film and photography, and discovery and personal growth.
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