Primark x Her Campus Student Night

It’s that time of the semester again! We are halfway to summer, which means it is time for the semi-annual Primark X Her Campus student night. Last Wednesday, our chapter was blessed to attend the super fun event, and we got an inside scoop to share with everyone.

There were three different stations at the event including a braid bar, sketch bar, and a selfie cookie booth, as well as DJs on two different levels. Not to mention the hours worth of shopping we got to do with our Primark gift cards.  

The Braid Bar powered by beGlamorous (@beglammed). The beautiful woman who helped me rock the double french braids was Lyndsay Jones.  

This next booth was honestly one of the best things I have seen all year. The company, Selffee, sets up a booth using printers and sugar cookies and prints a photo of you out on the cookie. I was so in love with this idea because it is a super fun way to personalize something that everyone loves.  

 Behind the scenes picture of their crazy cookie printers. They had about four set up for the event, it was a huge operation. Honestly, Santa would be proud.  

Okay, so this isn't the best picture of me in existence but I gotta say they hooked me on their product.

Last but not least was this super cool promotional sketch bar that Primark had set up. Showcasing their new swimsuit line, Primark teamed up with the app Chic Sketch to bring an interactive experience to those who attended student night.

You stood in front of the artist while she brought your features to life using an Ipad.  


I was super happy with the way my sketch turned out as I was feeling major Gigi Hadid ~vibes~ . I mean look at this side by side from Gigi’s ICONIC look from 2016.

The icing on the cake of last Wednesday’s event was our beautiful little chapter getting featured on the Primark Instagram story. Our faces went out to just under six million people!

Shoutout to our little Her Campus team for a great night at the event!  

Pictured right to left- Harmony, Talia, and Lexi.