Meet Emily Greene

Emily Greene is a Marketing Communications major with a Psychology minor. This Chicago native is graduating this December. Here’s what Emily had to say about how she has made the most of her time at Emerson.

 Her Campus Emerson: Why did you choose Emerson?

Emily Greene: Emerson’s programs are one of a kind—I knew that I would be attending a school that would let me dive deep into my field. I also wanted to get out of the Midwest for a bit and see a new part of the country. I had never been to Boston before I decided to tour Emerson! I fell in love with the city right away.

HCE: What has been your best moment at Emerson?

EG: Marathon Monday is my favorite day of the year. Everybody gets together to cheer on total strangers; there’s this undeniable spirit and pride. It’s one of the traditions that makes Boston such a great place to go to school and live. For the past two years I’ve got to cheer on friends and as somebody who literally never runs, I’m always in awe of them.

HCE: What are some internships and jobs you’ve had during school? Which was your favorite?

EG: I’ve had four internships and two jobs while at Emerson. I worked on campus as a Welcome Desk Assistant and in Beacon Hill at Rugg Road Paper Company, where I helped clients create and customize wedding invitations and other stationery. My favorite internship is the one I’m doing now, as an account management intern at Hill Holliday.

HCE: What are you involved with on campus?

EG: I’m involved in Alpha Epsilon Phi and EmComm, where I’m currently the account director for Wine Riot, started by a former AEPhi sister.

HCE: What’s a fun fact about you?

EG: I once met the voice actor of Nemo, which means I get to claim that I’m technically two degrees separated from Ellen DeGeneres, although it’s a stretch!

HCE: Do you have plans/dream jobs for after graduation?

EG: I’ve never been so unsure of my future plans in my life, but I’m completely okay with that. I’d love to stay in Boston, but my home will always be in Chicago. I’m planning on going into the advertising field, but I have no plans right now for after graduation. Normally I’d be freaking out, but I know that I’ll end up somewhere great. It’s too early to apply to post-grad jobs anyway, so why worry until it’s time, right?