Campus Correspondent, Lillian Cohen, 1

Meet the E-Board: Lillian Cohen

Her Campus at Emerson is ready to welcome you to the fall 2020 semester! This week we're introducing you to the amazing members who make up our executive board.

Name: Lilli

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Major: Journalism

Minors: Writing and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Year: Senior

Her Campus Position: Campus Correspondent

Why I Joined: I love to write and share stories. I want to use my journalism major to focus in magazine writing and production. I feel that Her Campus is not only a great way to get experience in that field but make connections for future job positions. Since joining, I have felt that the chapter/national community is also great—something I didn't even realize when joining but definitely think others should.

Quarantine Activities: I discovered podcasts. I know I'm VERY late to the party, but I can't get enough of them. Since I know how to sew, I've been sewing masks since March for family, friends, and essential workers. But that gets tedious after a while, so I started listening to podcasts to pass the time, since I can't watch any shows or stuff while sewing. My favorites are Chatty Broads and American Girl. They're funny and conversational. Perfect for the stresses of a pandemic.

Favorite Thing to Binge During Quarantine: Broad City

Campus Correspondent, Lillian Cohen, 2 Lillian Cohen