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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching! Sometimes we procrastinate picking out a costume and sometimes we don’t find out plans until last minute! Below are a few last minute halloween costumes for your haunted festivities!

Rosie The Riveter

Grab a chambray shirt, some denim, and a red bandana, and you can be Rosie The Riveter for Halloween! Not only will you represent empowerment for women, but you will also be able to put it all together in a matter of minutes! It is everything that you can get from your own or friends’ closets! 

Bachelor Contestants

Are you and your girls in need of a last minute group costume? Go as contestants on the Bachelor! Wear a cocktail dress from your closet with your hair and makeup done, and don’t forget the roses! It can be coordinated in the matter of minutes, but who will be given the last rose?


Want to feel glam, but still creative with a last minute costume? Go as a deer or other woodland creature! The main component is the makeup, and for costume you can choose a faux fur vest or a neutral dress. Hand make antlers quick or grab a pair at a costume store! This outfit is sure to many many say, “Oh deer!”

Pop Art Character

If you want to focus more on the makeup and not so much the clothing, transform yourself into a pop art character! The makeup is easy and can be worn with anything, whether all black or a costume that fits the style. It’ll make people do a double take at any party!

Halloween shouldn’t be stressful when it comes to figuring out a costume! Any of these can be put together quick and easy!


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