3 Spooky Makeup Tutorials Using Makeup You Already Own

*All Photos taken by Harmony Taggart*

If you’re like me, and aren’t the biggest fan of Halloween (Don’t shoot yet. Let me explain) because it means going outside in the cold and getting scared when a kid in a zombie costume says “boo,” you probably haven’t prepared for this holiday at all; this probably includes getting a costume.

If that’s you, fear not! After some deliberation, and A LOT of makeup remover, I have created three versatile makeup ideas that can take clothing you already own and turn them into a great costume. All of these looks were created with makeup I already own, and makeup that you probably have as well, or that you can buy at a drugstore for under $10.

Now, I am not a makeup artist. But, I do recognize that some people want to put in more time than others. So I made one look that takes ten minutes, one that takes twenty, and one half an hour.

Let’s get started!


Look No. 1: 10 Minutes


What You’ll Need:

  • White Eyeshadow or Powder

  • Red Blush

  • Black Eyeliner

  • Black Mascara

  • Red Lipstick

  • Blush Brush (optional)

Possible Costume Names: Doll, Watermelon

Make It Creepy: Black contacts

Step 1: Apply white powder all over your face with the blush brush or your hands. Make sure if you have a low neckline that you are bringing the powder all the way down your neck.


Step 2: Smile with your mouth closed (Yes, really do it) With a blush brush (The big fluffy one) or your finger, apply copious amounts of red blush in a circular motion where your cheeks are raised when you are smiling. Put the same blush color on your lids.


Step 3: Use your eyeliner to create freckles on your face. Make sure that both cheeks are fairly even.


Step 4: Add a thick line of eyeliner to your top lid. If you’re feeling ambitious, try a cat eye. If not, that’s understandable, that’s freakin’ hard. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lids (make the bottom lashes as long as you can).


Step 5: Make a heart shape with your red lipstick and fill it in (think Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland).


Step 6: Style your hair however you see fit.


Yay! You did it! Good job friend!

Look No. 2: 20 Minutes


What You’ll Need:

  • White Eyeshadow or Powder

  • Black Eyeshadow

  • Blue Eyeshadow

  • Red Blush

  • Black Eyeliner

  • Black Mascara

  • Red Lipstick

  • Blush Brush

  • Small eyeshadow brush

Possible Costume Names: Monster, Demon Person

Make It Creepy(er): Fangs, red contacts, fake blood


Step 1: Apply white powder all over your face using a powder brush or your hands. Once again, keep the neckline of your costume in mind and bring powder down to where your costume begins.


Step 2: Suck in your cheeks like a fish (Do it). With your finger, dab black eyeshadow into the crevice your cheeks make. Blend with your blush brush until you are happy with your spook. With your small eyeshadow brush, pick three places on your face to make spookier and create a jagged edge.


Step 3: With the same eyeshadow brush (Dust it off), collect white powder and put a thin line of it in the middle of the black jagged lines. Then go back in with the black eyeshadow and darken a few parts of the lines (Think shadows).


Step 4: Using your eyeliner, draw a thin stripe down the middle of your lines.


Step 5: Use your eyeshadow brush to build a layer of black eyeshadow on your lids. Start by putting a very thin layer on your entire lid, then put a little bit more on the mid and outer part of your lid, then add more to your outer lid. If you want it to be super dramatic, bring the eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrow. Add a bit of black under your eye as well.

Step 6: With your finger, dab blue and black eyeshadow underneath your eyes and on your face. Blend the colors together.


Step 7: Add red blush with your eyeshadow brush next to your eyeliner line on your jagged edges.


Step 8: Apply red lipstick all over your lips. Then, dab black eyeshadow on top and rub together until blended.


Step 9: Style your hair to fit your costume.


Congrats! You did it!

Look No. 3: 30 Minutes



What You’ll Need:

  • Foundation to fit your skin tone

  • White Eyeshadow or Powder

  • Black Eyeshadow

  • Blue Eyeshadow

  • Black Eyeliner

  • Black Mascara

  • Red Lipstick

  • Small Eyeshadow Brush

  • Blush Brush (optional)

Possible Costume Names: Cartoon, Crying Person

Make It Spooky: Replace blue eyeshadow with red, add red contacts

Step 1: Apply a generous amount of foundation and blend with your hands or blush brush.


Step 2: Using your eyeshadow brush, draw small dots all over your face in rows with the white powder.


Step 3: With the same brush, use blue eyeshadow to draw tear-like puddles under your eyes.


Step 3: With your eyeliner, outline the blue shadow.


Step 4: With the black eyeshadow and your brush, draw on the most ridiculous eyebrows you can and fill them in.


Step 5: With the same tools, draw straight thin lines on your jaw and nose. Draw two frown lines in between your brows.


Step 6: Put on eyeliner and mascara to your preference.


Step 7: Apply red lipstick.


Step 8: Style that hair!


Hooray! You did it!

You halloweened! I know, I know, it was hard. Or, maybe it wasn’t. Either way, it’s over now! So go outside, freeze your butt off on the way to the party, get there, drink (if you’re of age) responsibly, and have a great time! Happy Halloween from Her Campus, to you.