Influential Women of the Present: Anna-Marie McLemore

It’s our theme week for influential women of the present, and it should come as a surprise to no one that I chose to write about Anna-Marie McLemore. I wrote about her in my article on “5 Women Who Inspire Me,” my piece, “9 Quotes from Anna-Marie McLemore’s Books that Will Make You Want Read Her Stuff Right Now,” and I have consistently mentioned her writing in any book listicle I wrote, including my articles on YA recs by Latinx authors, books for Thanksgiving, books for Valentine’s Day, books coming out this year, and my YA TBR. So if nothing else, she is at least very influential to me. And since this is my last semester at Emerson, I’ll take this chance to write about my love for her as an author at least one more time.

So who is Anna-Marie McLemore? Anna-Marie McLemore is a Mexican-American author. For a broader picture, I think McLemore’s Twitter bio puts it best, considering she’s the one who wrote it.

Anna-Marie McLemore has written numerous books and is featured in multiple anthologies either already out or to be released this year. McLemore writes magical realism within the YA genre. Her books feature characters from underrepresented backgrounds, and most of the time they are communities she belongs to. Her books have showcased so many amazing characters, from a trans boy who paints moons to bi Latina cousins who can grow flowers from their hands anywhere they please to Latina sisters hoping to break away from the family curse that will doom one of them into turning into a swan.

McLemore’s work to tell honest stories in such a beautiful and magical way makes her one of the most inspiring people I know.