How to Stay Positive this Winter

We all may imagine winter as a snowy wonderland, but realistically, in a lot of places, winter can feel dark, dreary, and sad. The short and rainy days can really take a toll after a while, and sometimes it’s even hard to stay happy, especially when you’re stuck inside all day. Hopefully I’m qualified to give out some tips when it comes to this, as I’m from Portland, Oregon, which is known for rain, rain, rain, and coffee (only to help stay awake with the darkness… and the rain). With that, here are some tips to stay positive this upcoming fall and winter, especially with the coronavirus looming over us.

  1. 1. Make Your Days Busier

    While it may be nice sometimes, sitting around and doing nothing on your days off won’t always make you feel better, especially in the winter. It’s important to find things to do, even if it’s in your own home. This isn’t necessarily meant to be something productive, though that could be categorized as work; it’s just a way to keep you from sitting in bed scrolling through TikTok all day.

  2. 2. Get Outside

    This may seem confusing, given the horrible weather, but for me, getting outside every day is crucial. This could be a walk around your neighborhood or even to the nearest coffee shop. If the weather prevents this though, sometimes even going on long drives can feel therapeutic and give the effect that you got to go outside that day. Go get some fresh air!

  3. 3. Embrace the Rain (and snow)

    Again, take it from me and my life in the Pacific Northwest—sometimes you can’t avoid the rain. The number of pumpkin patches and Christmas tree farms I’ve been to during downpours will blow your mind. Sometimes you just have to throw on the layers and make the best of it. Plus, it makes curling up with a cup of coffee and some thick socks after even better.

  4. 4. Read a Book

    Look, I know that reading doesn’t have the greatest reputation with everyone, but I am a firm believer that if you don’t like reading, you just haven’t found the right book yet. Reading can be very therapeutic and can easily influence your mood! If you’re feeling a bit down, try reading a happy book that will brighten your mood. Not only that, but sometimes I feel more productive on days where I’m reading a lot, rather than watching TV.

  5. 5. Eat Good Food

    Good food can be interpreted however you want. If cooking up a new healthy and nutritious meal will help boost your mood, then do that. Sometimes though, baking some cookies and eating some warm and fresh comfort food is also what you need. Pay attention to what makes you feel good. This is random, but when it’s cold outside, all I want is warm soup—don’t even try to stick a salad in front of me. 

I hope that a few of these tips help you keep on smiling as the cold comes. This winter doesn’t have to be the dreary and gross season it has been. Embrace that winter wonderland mentality.