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How to De Stress During Stressful Times

Anxiety is quite common for people to deal with at some level. Whether it is stress about work/school or anxiety about things out of our control, sometimes it all can be overwhelming and hard to deal with. These few activities can help alleviate your anxiety and ease your stress.

Take a hot shower or bath

Depending on your living situation, taking a hot bath or shower is the number one task to start to de-stress. Hot water relieves tension and after soaking in the warmth, you are likely to feel a little less stressed.

Indulge in some self-care

Section out some time to do an activity(ies) that makes you happy. Whether it may be watching a sitcom, doing your nails and a face mask, or simply lying in bed decompressing, taking time to treat yourself to self-care is vital when trying to de-stress. 

Communicate with loved ones

Sometimes the best outlet for anxiety and stress is venting or talking to loved ones. Call up your mom/dad, your best friend, SO, someone who makes you smile. Expressing your emotions and not bottling them up can help lift the weight off your chest and help ease the feelings of stress and/or anxiety