How to Adopt a Low Waste Makeup Routine

There are thousands of products within the beauty industry— powders and foundations and concealers; blushes and eyeshadows and mascaras; glitters and highlighters and eyeliners. But after we’re done—when the fun is all over—where does it go? What happens with the mess we’ve made? 

The simple answer: the trash. Landfills. Oceans and water supplies. There’s a whole lot more waste in beauty than the average consumer would like to think. 

Face wash girl smiling

1. Stop the cotton pads

Sure, those cotton pads and micellar water are convenient, but that’s a lot of unnecessary trash. Try out a cleanser or fabric pads. Your skin will get a good scrub, but so will the planet.

2. Forget microbeads 

Those microbead cleansers are great at exfoliating, but also really great at leaving microplastics in the ocean. That’s not great. Look for cleansers without microbeads and use a silicone facial brush if you really want that extra scrubbing power. 

3. Look into where your products are made

Every palette has a company manufacturer with regulations and standards, but does anyone ever look into them? Try to be a conscious consumer when it comes to your palettes and beauty products. Look into the production and source of the ingredients. Find a brand that fits your ideals and takes environmentalism seriously. Some great examples are RMS Beauty, Alima Pure, and The Honest Company. Your low-waste makeup routine will thank you.