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At-Home Study Break Activities

Finals can be stressful, never mind in the middle of a pandemic. But finals still loom in the distance, though many will be easier than previously planned out, taught over Zoom and electronically graded. And yet, without your friends, your usual study rooms and rituals, and much hope for a normal month ahead, it’s hard to take a load off and enjoy a good study break. Right? Think again. Here are some great quarantine-approved activities to help you recharge and ace those exams.

  1. 1. Bake Some Bread


    Sourdough starters have been all the rage on social media, but that’s not the only type of bread out there. Grab some flour, yeast, and get to it. Recipes for different types of bread are all over the internet. And the best part about baking bread is that it’s intermittent. There are so many steps that need to be spaced out. So, you can do some work, mix the ingredients, let it sit, do some more work, check on it, do some more work, then kneed it, do some more work, then bake it. Plenty of interesting study breaks to come.

  2. 2. Paint a Picture

    Brush Painting Color Paint

    It doesn’t have to be the best picture. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be good. Use some paints you have lying around the house or make some yourself. Get messy and play around. Use your fingers. Use household items as stamps. Make it abstract and creative. Just have fun. Not only is it a great distraction but you’ll have it as something to look back on.

  3. 3. Make an Insta-worthy Picnic

    Picnic Donuts

    This doesn’t have to be totally fancy. It just has to be fun. Take your mind off of your work for a moment (either just a snack or cute lunch) by crafting a creative and functional picnic. Problem-solve by using household items. Set up on a grassy spot in your backyard. Add small tables, fancy glasses, cute outfits, picked flowers—whatever you want. Take some cute pictures. Or some goofy ones. Let this moment be one to feel confident and creative and good about yourself. Finals can be stressful, but you’ve got this!