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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E5


Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched either episode of the season so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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I do need to preface this article with the fact that while trying to watch this episode, I had a lot of difficulty with the internet connection and the streaming service did flatline on me a few times BUT all in all I still got the important details, so don’t worry! That being said, let’s stop wasting time and jump right into episode 5:

The episode opens with Owen and Amelia–and honestly, I was just as surprised seeing it as you are reading it.  I thought it was strange that the two would be in the same house after last weeks break up, but, Shonda does like to throw in some weird details. Anyway, Amelia is going over her notes from Med school because she is going back to work at the hospital.  When she decides to look over her notes, she realizes that they’re still at the home she shared with Owen.  She tries to sneak in just to grab them but Owen catches her.  The two have a heart to heart and Owen asks her if they got it right.  Amelia thinks that they did, but she still wants to be just friends. She says that her love for Owen was not a symptom of the tumor and that she still has feelings, which is why she wants to be friends.

When Amelia arrives at the hospital, Tom informs her that he is leaving Seattle Grace because he is no longer needed there.  A look of panic crosses over Amelia’s face because she isn’t sure that she is ready to be back in surgery just yet.  

There is a big commotion surrounding Meredith and her groundbreaking surgery, and she is featured on the cover of a magazine for her work.  In a conversation with Alex, he tells Mer that Jo is really sad that she couldn’t be in the publication, and he asks Meredith to put Jo on her service and be nice to her.  Mer agrees and she and Jo go to speak with their patient, who just so happens to be a judge.  Meredith is doing another groundbreaking surgery, as the procedure she is doing on the judge’s liver has never been done before on the West Coast.  

Meanwhile, Avery and Alex decide to take a sick day because there isn’t much happening at the hospital and Avery bought a boat with his inheritance money.  As the two are leaving, they run into Ben, Deluca, and Owen and ask them to join them on the boat.  The three agree and decide to spend the day out on the boat.  

Amelia is working on a case of a woman with a brain tumor on her first day back, and she assures the woman that she knows what she is doing.  After speaking to the woman, Amelia runs out to the parking lot to stop Tom from leaving.  She cuts him off just as he is pulling out of his parking space and asks him to join her in surgery.  He reluctantly agrees to stay even though he insists that Amelia is fine to operate.

Arizona and April are waiting in the ER for something to do, because it is a slow day at the hospital.  They are swiping through Tinder and Maggie joins them.  Maggie tells them that she is too nervous to swipe for anyone and they try to talk her into swiping.  Bailey comes over and asks what they are doing lounging in the ER and sees that they are on Tinder.  She takes Maggie’s phone and starts swiping for her.  When Maggie tries to take the phone back, Bailey tells her that she can’t swipe because she is married and to let her have this moment.  Bailey matches with someone on Maggie’s account and Maggie takes her phone back telling Bailey that they are real people on the other side of it.  She continues to panic about it even though the others don’t think it is a big deal.  

An incoming call interrupts their fun, as they argue about who is going to take what incoming case.  They start working on patient (a young female), and Bailey on the other (an older male).  The female patient is complaining of stomach pain, but as she is asked if she swallowed anything, she keeps telling them that she hasn’t swallowed anything.  As Bailey is trying to explain to her patient that there is nothing wrong with him, he keeps persisting that she needs to run tests because something is wrong.  As she is again, explaining that there is nothing wrong with him, a shot goes off in the ER and hits the man in the leg.  There is not obvious place where the shot has come from, but the gunshot wound on the female patient Arizona is working on makes them question if she has a gun on her.  She denies having a gun on her, and upon further examination of the wound, they realize it is an exit wound and that they are unable to find an entrance wound.  They realize that the female patient has the gun inside of her and that was what was causing the abdominal pain.

After having moved the patent into another room, they ask her why she would put a gun inside her.  She informs them that she was trying to smuggle it into the prison to her boyfriend.  He had asked her to bring it into the prison for him and that it was his plan that she was trying to execute.  Arizona lectures the young girl on the consequences that could have gone hand in hand with what she had done and Bailey is now forced to take her previously healthy patient to surgery to fix the wound that he received.  April tells Arizona that she is going to be a great mom to a teenage daughter (Sophia–who is moving back to Seattle).

Meanwhile, Avery, Ben , Alex, and Owen all arrive at Avery’s new boat.  Deluca made a detour to pick up some food for them.  They decide that they are going to take the day to relax and spend the day out at sea.  Unfortunately, none of them know how to sail the boat, so they are while they get to enjoy being on the boat, they stay tethered to the dock.

Meredith and Jo work on one of the tables to go over the procedure that they are planning to do on the Judge.  Mer keeps stopping herself from saying certain things, and it is weirding Jo out.  After Mer leaves, Richard walks in.  he tells Jo that she is in the running for chief resident, but she thinks that it is a joke.  She thinks that someone put him up to it because she doesn’t want her name on anything in fear of her ex husband.  

Back on the boat, Avery and the guys tie surgical knots in rope to see who is the fastest.  There is no prize, but the winner gets bragging rights and that is all the convincing that any of the men need to compete.  

Mer’s patient is hesitant about the surgery, and he is not sure if he should go through with it.  Mer and Jo explain that, without the procedure, he will only have about six more months to live.  They ask if it is a surgery that she is planning on publishing.  Ultimately, Jo pressures the Judge into signing the paperwork for the surgery after their conversation, even though he is hesitant.  When Mer goes to talk to him about it, he tells her that Jo didn’t force him to do the surgery, just that he made him think of all the reasons why he needed to have the surgery, and that that is what convinced him.  

Deluca finally arrives at the boat and he brings a bunch of fish with him because the guys said that they wanted to grill.  They complain because by grill they meant burgers and hotdogs not fish, but Deluca defends his decision by saying that because they are on the ocean so they should have fish.  The men all break down the fish together.

Meanwhile, Amelia goes to see Richard because she needs a meeting.  She tells him that she doesn’t know who she is anymore without the tumor.  Richard tells her that getting sober was the best thing to ever happen to the two of them.  He told Amelia that the opiates didn’t define her, and neither did the tumor.  Now the tumor is gone, so she doesn’t have to let it define her anymore.  

While Bailey is in surgery on the man who got shot, she and Maggie are still talking about Tinder.  They point out that Maggie is being really bold, and she agrees.  Telling one of her co-workers to respond to the man and tell him that she will meet him that night.  In the female patients surgery, Arizona and April are amazed that the bullet didn’t damage anything internally when the gun went off.  Richard, in the observation deck, reminds Carina that the new intern mixer is that night, and that she sould come.  

Tom goes into surgery with Amelia.  Something is bleeding in the patient’s brain and Amelia gets frazzled.  Tom agrees with her that maybe she wasn’t ready for surgery.  He tries to point Amelia in the direction of what she should be doing to save the patient but she tells him that she doesn’t care what he would do to save the patient because she  already has it.  Amelia’s instincts kick in and she gets control over the bleeder.  She then tells Tom to leave her OR.

After their surgery on the Judge, Mer tells Jo that she did good in surgery.  Jo is sick of everyone treating her like she is broken, and Mer jumps in to tell her that she is not broken, she is a survivor.  Mer then lets it slip that she was only being nice because Alex had asked her to before adding that’s the kind of thing he does for someone he loves.  

Meanwhile, out on the boat, Avery and the guys are talking about relationships.  Owen brings up his sister, which Deluca jumps off of to talk about how his sister sleeps with all of his friends (which, unsurprisingly, peaks all of the guys’ interests).  Avery tries to jump in and talk about his “sister,” but Alex cuts him off and asks “since when did you have a sister?”  Avery answers that because Richard and Catherine are married, Maggie is his sister.  The guys all disagree with him because there is no blood relation.  Avery tries to compare it to Alex and Meredith, but that quickly gets shot down.  

After checking in with her patient, Mer tells Jo to keep an eye on his drain output.  The judge is panicked and Jo tells him not to worry because he did great in surgery.  The judge tells her that his job is to catch people in lies, and that he knows she isn’t being entirely truthful.  Jo breaks down and tells the Judge that she is in need of some legal advice.  She tells him about her situation and he tells her that there is nothing she can do if she wants to stay hidden from her ex.  Most people who speak out about it in her case want to move on with their lives and are not still hiding.  They are all willing to take the risk in order to be free.

Bailey informs her patient that he has to come back to the hospital in order to make sure everything is healing properly.  He tells her that he will never come back to the hospital and that he will go to Seattle Press instead because of what happened.  

While on the boat, Ben tells everyone that he is not a white coat kind of guy.  He tells the guys that he applied to the Firefighters Academy but tells them not to tell Bailey.  They joke about how most people are lucky to find their passion in life, and that Ben has found his three times.  They then realize that they have to go to the intern mixer, so they have to rush back to the hospital.  Deluca is left to clean up the mess on the boat.  

Maggie is supposed to meet the guy from Tinder.  When he arrives at the hospital though, her confidence is gone and she decides to hide instead.  

At the intern mixer, Webber gives a speech to welcome all the new interns to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.  The male doctors arrive late, and after drinking all day on the boat, seemingly a little drunk.  April complains that she got shot and all the guys got to just enjoy a sick day.  

Amelia tells the family of the woman she operated on that she is okay, before stopping to talk to Tom.  Tom tells Amelia that she is still better than he is and that he is really pissed about it.  He was hoping that she would mess up in surgery so that he could finally say that he was better than her, but that is not the case.  After the conversation, the two sleep together.  

Mer gets paged and has to run to the Judge’s bedside.  When she gets there, he is in vfib so she opens him up in the room.  He doesn’t make it through and Mer apologizes to his intern.  Richard tells Mer immediately after that she is needed down in the intern mixer.  She goes with Richard and when she gets there, he informs her in front of everyone that she has been nominated for a Harper Avery.  Bailey jokes that she finally beat Derek because he was never nominated for one, but Meredith just says she needs to get a drink.  Jo then informs everyone that they had just lost their patient.

Avery pulls Bailey into another room and talks to her about how he was in the boat and that it was the best day he felt in years. Because he was loving every second of it. He tells her that he just wants to be in the game. Avery decides to give Bailey some of his inheritance to start a foundation because he wants to be able to be in the game.  He tells her to take the money and start the foundation so he can work for something and that he wants his name to not be attached to it in any way (because he can never win the Harper Avery award for this very reason).

Deluca talks to Arizona about how he found a place to live, as he can’t stay with her now that Sophia is coming back to Seattle.  As decided on the boat, Deluca is staying with Owen, because now that Amelia is gone, he has plenty of extra room. While telling Arizona that he is going to be staying with, he and Arizona catch Owen making out with Carina (who he just met at the intern mixer because he has been off spending time with Megan). Deluca is annoyed, especially after his previous comment that his sister sleeps with all his friends.  Jo tells Alex she’s in the running for Chief Resident and that she doesn’t want to hide it and she is filing for divorce from Paul.

After, Deluca runs into the group of new interns. He recognizes one of them, and it seems like they have a history.

Bailey goes to see what is wrong with Mer, and Mer tells her what she is thinking.  She has big plans on how to help six people with the same condition the Judge had.  Mer has big plans for the future with the procedure, but Shonda ends the episode before delving into too many details.

And now, your guide to all the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ relationships that Shonda keeps throwing at us:

Owen and Amelia

Done, but still friends hopefully!

Owen and Teddy

Still nothing as of right now, but you bet I’m still holding out hope 10 gosh darn years later.

Owen and Carina

Didn’t see this one coming because Carina was with Arizona…or so I thought.  All I’m saying is that this better just be a fling because if Owen is not with Teddy soon I might just lose faith in this man actually wanting to be happy.  WE ALL KNOW YOU LOVE HER OWEN STOP PLAYING GAMES.

Avery and Maggie

I’m so confused by this relationship I don’t even know where to start.  Only time will tell if they will be able to get past the fact that they are “technically” siblings because their parents got married.  I really have nothing to say accept Shonda needs to tell us before I lose my mind.  K, thanks.

Arizona and Carina

Yet another relationship I am confused by.  I have no idea what is happening Shonda what have you done.

Alex and Jo

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the fifth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments!  Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 6! Until then!


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