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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E14

Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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The episode starts with Mer looking at her mother’s journals while talking to Maggie.  Mer is trying to figure out why her mother and her aunt hated each other if they had been such good friends.  Even though they are talking, Maggie is distracted. She tells Mer she is going crazy because of Clive, although it looks like its more than just that that’s distracting her.  Before we even make it over to the hospital, we check in with April, and if there was any doubt at the end of the last episode, there isn’t any more. April slept with Tom, and for some reason that i can’t figure out, he is wearing her robe, so she tells him to take it off and get out of her house so she can throw up in peace.  We also get to check in with Alex and Jo in their apartment, where they are talking about how they get to work together for the day. There are a bunch of papers all over the table, which are jo’s applications to fellowships, specifically outside of Grey Sloan.

At the hospital, Maggie is explaining her surgery to Webber and Bailey, who decided that she was going to rearranging her schedule so she can watch Maggie’s groundbreaking surgery on her patient.  The interns are off taking their exam, so the doctors are without them for the day. When Maggie turns around, she sees Avery and drops her coffee (confirming what I thought about her distraction being more than what happened with Clive).  There is some weird tension between them, and I’m not sure if it is because of what happened, but Avery asks her out to dinner and she says no. She tells him that she can’t make plans with him because she has to focus on the surgery she is performing.  She adds that she can’t think about Avery because he makes her hands shake, before walking away to see her patient.

Jo, Alex, and Maggie are working on the same patient who needs a heart procedure done.  He and his boyfriend are in in medieval costumes, and they are speaking in old english (which I too, do for fun–or if we are being honest, just to annoy my friends who don’t understand Shakespeare well).  Maggie plays along with it and speaks back to them in old English, and his mother tells her she doesn’t have to do that, but she does it anyway. The patient and his boyfriend are cosplaying and while they are going over the procedure, they talk about love, which causes Alex to have a flashback to an ex (this isn’t blatantly said, but it’s pretty clear from the flashback of them kissing).

Meanwhile, Mer’s aunt brings her donuts to talk about business in the lab.  Mer asked why she didn’t tell her that about the fall out with her mother. Her aunt thought mer had already known about the fallout, but Mer didn’t.  She wants to know if her aunt is going to let her buy the patent, because she needs to in order to continue her research and she doesn’t want the fallout between her aunt and her mother to get in the way.  Her aunt asks if she is interested in hearing the story about the fall out.

Back to Jo and Alex, who is now out of the flashback with his ex, jo asks him if he is mad about her fellowships applications, and he said no because he did the same thing.  While they are talking, they find out that their patient was just offered a heart off the donor list, so that means that Maggie’s groundbreaking surgery is put off. The three of them go to update the patient about the new surgical plan, but when they tell him he got a heart, he tells them that he doesn’t want it.  They are clearly concerned about his decision, but he tells them that he wants the old surgery anyway, so he doesn’t risk losing his love for his boyfriend (he is afraid it is his current heart who loves his boyfriend, and that replacing it will cause him to lose that love). Maggie tells him that if he doesn’t get the heart, he will just get worse and worse until he dies and that he could be taken off the donor list for good if he passes it up.  The boyfriend asks to talk to the patient alone, and they tell him that they can have a few minutes, but they need to decide soon. While they are talking, Jo has a flashback to her years living in the back of her car when she met the first boy she loved. Maggie also has a flashback to her first crush, and how they met in med school while cutting open their first cadaver together. They go back into the room to get the decision and the boyfriend broke up with the patient while they were talking because he didn’t think that not taking the heart was sweet, he thought it was stupid.  

Mer and her aunt talk about why her mother and aunt had the falling out.  Her aunt tells her that she got upset because Ellis didn’t share the credit with her on their joint project, and Ellis won the Harper Avery for it.  Her aunt claims that Ellis broke her and Mer asks if she gave Ellis too much power. Her aunt says that she might have, but that she still thinks that she has a right to the work she did.  She tells Mer that in order to get the patent for her project, Mer needs to change the name of her mother’s procedure to include her aunt’s name. Mer goes to see Webber and asks him if her mother’s Harper Avery was won off of a stolen idea.  Webber said he didn’t tell her because he didn’t believe it, and that Ellis can’t defend her side of the story, so he doesn’t know if she should either.

Jo is going to put their patient under for surgery, but before she does, she tells him that he has to live and he has to fight, even though his heart is broken.  Tom is still at April’s house and he talks to her about her daughter. He tells her that he thinks that she is fascinating because he knows that Amelia made April her power of attorney before her tumor surgery because she trusted April with her life.  On the other hand, He said that the woman he met last night isn’t the person who lives in the house (and that person was the one Amelia trusted with her life); she was an entirely different person that scares him. He tries to place why she is acting the way she is acting, but isn’t getting very far.  

Jo is commenting on the heart while she is prepping it to transplant it into her patient while Maggie and Alex detach their patient’s heart to replace it.  Maggie has a flashback, again to when she was in med school with her first crush. After they finished with the cadaver, they stole the heart to bury it (she really did it so she could see him again, not because they cared about the cadaver).  Snapping back to reality, Maggie goes to put the new heart in her patient, and when she does, the heart doesn’t fit. Alex asked why they didn’t get the correct measurements and Maggie tells him that they did. She thinks that it is swelling, which is why it doesn’t fit in their patient’s chest.  They have to create space in his chest for the heart, or wait for the swelling to go down. They decide that they are going to leave him open and they will have to go back in the next day in order to fix it. Alex goes to update the mother and tells her that they are going to leave him open. She is clearly scared because it is just the two of them and she tells Alex that he needs to come out of the surgery.  Alex then goes back to his flashback with his mother and girlfriend (at the time). They are on the couch and his mother had one of her attacks because she forgot to take her medication. She helps Alex out by getting the pills for him to give to his mother. Back in surgery, they put the heart in their patient, and when they take him off bypass, his heart isn’t beating yet, but it should be. They know he can’t handle another complication, and it needs to start beating or he will die.  They get the internal paddles and charge them, but it is not beating after they shock him. They charge them and shock him again. Alex charges for a third time, but before he shocks him again, his heart finally starts beating. Jo flashes back to her first love again, seeing him in the back of her car. They are talking about their relationship and how he loves her. Back in the hospital, the now ex-boyfriend of their patient goes to see him in the ICU. Maggie tells him that there was a complication and that they had to keep him open, which is why he is there.  He tells Maggie that he only broke up with him because he wanted him to take the heart, and now he is realizing that the last thing that he said to him was that he was stupid.

After the surgery, Alex is relaxing in the lounge.  Jo goes to see him and tells him that he needs to sleep.  He tries to get up and leave, but Jo tells him that he can’t leave until they can talk.  They start fighting because she wants to leave Seattle for fellowships and she finally has the freedom to leave now that Paul is dead. Alex is mad (and clearly hurt) and tells her that he didn’t realize that Paul was the only reason she had to stay in Seattle.  He leaves the room, and jo is clearly hurt because she didn’t mean for it to sound like her applying elsewhere meant that she wanted to leave, just that she didn’t have to fear leaving.

Maggie calls Avery because she needs a consult on her patient whose chest she can’t close.  He tells her what he would do about her patient and closing his chest. He then tells her that he was hoping that she had paged him for dinner.  It’s a little awkward because she clearly is still focusing on her patient, but he gives her an apple because he knew she would need to eat.

Back at April’s house, Tom and April are still talking.  Tom tells her about how his kid died and he gave up hope because it was unfair.  He tells her that the fact that it was unfair is actually what turned him against God because he didn’t want to hear that everything happened for a reason, he just wanted his son.  After his marriage fell apart (because of the death of his son and the way he pulled back because of it), he went to church and started talking, not to God, but to his son. The story clearly resonated with April, and after he finished telling his story he told April that it was her turn to tell hers.

At Mer’s house, Mer and Alex are drinking in her living room, talking about Mer’s aunt.  They quickly decide to talk about something else and Alex tells her that Jo might leave. She tells him that Jo isn’t Izzy, but this just causes him to want to change the subject again. He goes back into a flashback to where his girlfriend is telling everyone about his mom’s episode.  She tells her friends that she is going to leave him and he overhears everything (it is his first broken heart). He snaps out of the flashback when Amelia shows up. Mer asked where she was, and right when she was about to answer, Owen also appears. Mer says she is not judging, but that her children are upstairs.  After a moment they decide that they shouldn’t worry about each other and Amelia goes back upstairs with Owen. Mer asks if Alex is going home and he doesn’t answer, so she tells him to just turn off the lights before he falls asleep. He goes back into the flashback about his mom having another episode and he is trying to help her.  Because he and the girl are over (after he over heard her say that) he tells his mom he is going to stay in with her. Back in the present, Jo goes back to the apartment and Alex isn’t there (because he is at Mer’s) and she’s clearly upset that he isn’t going to come home even though they are fighting.

Alex, Jo, and Maggie are scrubbing back in on their patient.  Jo tells Alex that she missed him last night, and he tells her that he missed her too.  She flashes back to her ex, and he is asking her to move in with him at college so she doesn’t have to live in her car anymore.  She agrees, and snaps out of the flashback. Back in the OR, Maggie says that their patient’s heart is strong, and he can handle the reconstruction.  Maggie flashes back to the funeral she and her first love had for their cadaver where they buried the heart. As they are burying it, he asks her if she would like to say a few words.  She decides to read him a poem that she wrote. The scene flashes between past and present Maggie reciting the poem. Back in the present, Maggie tells Alex and Jo that he didn’t get the poem and it freaked him out.  She tells them to page Avery, but he is already in the room and jokes about hearing the entire poem (and everything else she said). The patient ultimately comes out of surgery and his ex comes back into the room to confess his love for the patient.  Just after this, Jo goes into another flashback of her driving away from her boyfriend, who is waiting for her to move in with him.

Avery shows up at April’s house to drop of Harriet, and she isn’t sure why he is there.  He tells her that it’s her night with Harriet, but she forgot because she didn’t know it was what day of the week it was.  Tom walks into the room (in her robe again) and she forces Jackson out the door. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Mer tells her aunt that she needs the patent, but she can’t undo her mother’s legacy without her being there to defend it.  Her aunt tells Mer that she is going to take Mer’s idea if she doesn’t change the name of her mother’s work and it doesn’t matter what else Mer does because it is the one thing her aunt wants.

Avery is at the bar and Maggie shows up.  After hesitating for a moment, she decides to go over and sit with him.  She tells him that if she (a strong, powerful, smart, woman) is undone by him, he should be undone by her too.  He tells her about how he feels. He confirms that he is undone by her too before asking her out to dinner again.  This time, she agrees to go with him. Meanwhile, Alex goes home to see Jo, who tells him how she feels and how she never fit in anywhere.  Alex tells her to wait a second and starts rifling through the drawers (looking for the ring). She keeps telling him to stop, but he keeps talking about how he knew it was in the drawer and he wasn’t sure where it went.  After a few seconds he finally stops and she tells him that he can’t find it because she is already wearing the ring. She tells him that she is wearing it because she loves him and they fit together. She continues by telling him that she doesn’t want to go anywhere without him.  They officially (FINALLY) get engaged (YAY!!!!)!

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the fourteenth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments! Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 15! Until then!


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