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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E13

Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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The episode starts with Mer trying to figure out what to wear. Meanwhile, Maggie is in bed with Clive (who she has to sneak out so the kids don’t see him).  At the hospital, the elevator is packed, and April is yelling at people to get off because of the max amount of people already on the elevator. Amelia is awkwardly pressed against Owen and there is a weird amount of sexual tension. At the nurses station, Mer and Amelia are making fun of how much Maggie likes Clive but she does like him a lot, so she isn’t really bothered by it.  They decide that they should have a game night at Mer’s so that they can all get to know Clive a little bit more. The interns (Helm and Glasses) are behind them, and they talk about crashing the party.

Alex tells Kimmy that they have to put a feeding tube in because she can’t eat anything (clearly because of the treatment she has been going through for her tumor). She says she doesn’t want the tube because when she has it, she can’t sing. Alex tells her that there is no other option because she’s needs the nutrients.  Kimmy asks Alex to get her weed instead. She starts to tell hm all about the research and when he tells her that her Grandmother won’t like it, she defends herself by telling him it was her Grandmother’s idea.

Meanwhile, Jo and Mer are doing research on mice using the device that Mer is trying to get the patent for. They know they aren’t supposed to start testing without the patent, but they didn’t have a choice.  While they are looking at the tests, they find out that the doctor they are trying to buy the patent from is dead so Mer has to deal with the daughter of the doctor instead. In the ER, April is treating rugby players. Despite her pleas for them to stop, they continue throwing a ball around and it eventually hits April while she is trying to make a small incision on one of their team manager. April accidentally cuts off her patients ear when she is hit, and all chaos breaks loose. DeLuca runs over to try and help, but when he does he slips on the ear (that’s now on the floor) and hits his head on the ground.

Amelia is doing an evaluation on DeLuca because he hit his head and they want to make sure that nothing is wrong.  He is getting a scan done to see if there is anything that they should be concerned about. Amelia diagnoses a concussion, but he doesn’t seem too concerned about that. All he wants to know is  if Sam saw him fall. Meanwhile, April calls Avery because she needs someone to reattach the ear. The girl has a hole in her heart, however, and is worried about the anesthesia that Avery’s surgery will put her under. Maggie is called in because of her heart condition, and the patient asks if Maggie and Avery have a thing because of “vibes.” Arizona runs to another part of the hospital because she has to talk to the head of OB.  She is working o the research for her contest proposal to determine why so many women are dying during childbirth and she sent Carina to gather the research from OB but Carina wasn’t getting anywhere.

April is still in the ER trying to treat the rugby team patients, but the player she is treating doesn’t want her to treat him after cutting off their team manager’s ear.  Out of frustration, April puts Glasses on the case. Before he can really do anything, Owen pulls April aside and tells her that he wants to take over. He tells Kepner to go home for the day because he’s taking over the ER on Bailey’s orders. April tries to argue with him, but because the case has become a legal issue (because she injured a patient), she doesn’t have a choice.  Back with the patient April injured, Maggie is checking in on her heart after talking with the patient and running some tests needed for Jackson’s surgery, Maggie informs the patient that she can fix the hole in her heart. The patient asks Maggie how she would do it because the procedure was dangerous, and Maggie said that when she was diagnosed it would have been, but now with medical advancements, the procedure is much less invasive.  The patient is surprised, but even after hearing the news she continues to talk about the vibes between Maggie and Jackson.

Alex asks Bailey if she has a moment and she tells him that she is busy. He disregards her and asks her to authorize medical weed for Kimmy anyway.  She pauses and takes a breath before turning to the people gathered in the conference room. She introduces Alex to the hospitals legal team, and you can tell she isn’t happy about the fact that he just asked it in front of them. Meanwhile, Jo and Mer have to give the presentation to the spanish doctor’s daughter for the patent they need in order to do their study, and Mer informs Jo and Helm that they can’t mention the mouse. Mer’s aunt shows up at the hospital, and she realizes that it is her aunt that they are giving their presentation to.  Mer and her aunt (not blood related; Ellis’ best friend) catch up because it’s been years since they’ve seen each other. While they are talking, she tells Mer that her mom would have been proud of her.

Back in the ER, the rugby team starts arguing around the patient April was trying to treat earlier, so Owen goes over. Owen starts yelling at them to get them to follow the rules, but they are still arguing over him, so Owen (throwing it back to when he first started working at the hospital) wrestles one of the players to the ground and tells them all to stop because they are in a hospital and no one can do their job over their yelling.  He also points out that their team manager already had her ear cut off because of the way they were acting. Just when things seem like they’ve calmed down, the patient starts having severe leg pain. Owen springs into action and checks for a pulse in the patients foot (because his leg is injured), but the patient doesn’t have one. Owen has to release pressure so he tells the patient to prepare for it because he has to start cutting in the ER to relieve the pressure and save his leg.

Bailey and Webber meet the father of the patient whose ear was cut off by April. He is insistent on seeing his daughter, but Bailey informs him that she is already in surgery. He starts arguing with Bailey about how she can’t be put under anesthesia because of her heart condition, and Bailey assures him that she is being closely monitored and that everything is all under control.  The father informs bailey that he is a malpractice attorney and if the look on Bailey’s face didn’t confirm it, it was clear that they are in some serious potential trouble. Meanwhile, in surgery, Avery and Maggie are working on reattaching her ear and talking about the game night that Mer is planning at her house to introduce everyone to Clive. She invites Avery, but tells him that Clive will be there. She says it’s nice to date someone outside of the hospital but the tension between them is really strong, especially in this scene.  

Mer’s aunt is looking over her method for testing with the device that they are trying to buy the patent for, and she says that she wants to support them. However, she informs them that there is no way she can’t commit because she can’t give them the patent on theory. Jo says not to underestimate Mer but they are clearly not getting anywhere. Mer’s aunt still says no. In the moment, Mer tells Helm to get the mouse and she throws caution to the win because she needs this patent to continue her study.

Alex presents the paperwork to Kimmy’s grandmother, because she still needs to sign off on the medical marijuana.  As soon as Alex suggests it, Kimmy’s grandmother fires him because he wanted to use that instead of the feeding tube. You can see the realization on Alex’s face as he puts two and two together to see that it wasn’t the grandmother’s idea at all, it was Kimmy’s.  Alex tries to explain, but the grandmother storms off and doesn’t give him the chance.

Owen brings his patient up to the OR and to perform surgery. The patient starts to have a mental breakdown, because he is afraid that he is going to lose his leg, or worse, his life. As we expect, Owen continues with his lack of sympathy and tells the patient to shut up so he can continue to save him. Meanwhile, Carina and Arizona are going over cases for their study and Arizona realizes that her friend (the OB they spoke to earlier) is performing way more C-sections than she should be performing, and that it seems to be at times where she is leaving the hospital for a few days.  

Avery and Maggie were able to reattach the ear and their patient is in recovery. Maggie gives her the timeline of her recovery, and said that she should be ready for her next surgery soon.  At that, that patient’s father starts to freak out, saying that he doesn’t want her to stay in the hospital and that she isn’t having another surgery. Her father wants to leave the hospital because he is so mad about the incident, but the patient doesn’t want to. She asks him to cheer her on by supporting the surgery so she can have her heart fixed in order to play rugby.

Alex asks Amelia to talk to Kimmy’s grandmother, but she tells Alex to go talk to Kimmy because she likes him and trusts him. Alex, having been talked down by Amelia, goes to talk to Kimmy about why she did what she did, and try to convince the grandmother that it wasn’t a bad idea.  Sam wants to check on DeLuca, so Amelia says she can, but that while she’s there, she should tell him that she’s in love with him. After Sam leaves, Tom tries to seduce Amelia, but she quickly snaps out of it and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Mer, Jo, and Helm show mer’s aunt the mouse that has the functioning mini livers in it and she is amazed by it.  She agrees to give Mer the patent.

Back at Mer’s house, Jackson brings his date to game night and Clive (obviously) shows up. Maggie is laughing and it’s definitely awkward because there is a lot of romantic and sexual tension between her and Avery, and it’s obvious that she is overcompensating for it. Kepner shows up and says Avery and Maggie are a thing because when Maggie answered the door, he was behind her.  Maggie and Avery deny it considering their dates are also standing there (just out of sight). April walks in and sees them, then immediately explains her relationship to Avery to his date. Maggie offers her a drink but April brought her own alcohol. After she leaves the room, Clive says April seems fun, but it’s clear that they are all realizing that April is losing her mind and they aren’t sure what to make of it.  To say the least, it is super awkward. To make it even more awkward, however, a few minutes alter, Tom shows up at game night and asks for Shepard. They tell him that she isn’t there yet and he (very rudely) asks for maggie to get him a drink. At the hospital, Sam goes to see DeLuca and sits with him. DeLuca tells her that they are older now and that they are there together. He explains that she meant more to him than just sex, and that their relationship was more important to him. She tells him that she loves him too.

Arizona confronts her OB friend and gives her the data that she found. She says that because they’re friends she wanted her to know and be aware of the fact that there was a record of the pattern.  She brought up the fact that she was doing a lot of c-sections and just wanted her to be aware of it, but her OB friend didn’t want to hear it and got in the car. Back at Mer’s house, they are playing charades April and Tom are a team. After a few turns, April is clearly annoyed by the others disregard for the rules.

Back at the hospital, Alex goes to talk to Kimmy and her grandmother. He tells the grandmother that he understands her concern because of Kimmy’s parents history of drugs, but he opens up to her grandmother about the fact that  his parents were addicts too. He also informs her that the medical straign that he is going to give to her won’t get her high, it will just ease her nausea and pain. He tells her that it is the best option for Kimmy and that he wouldn’t have considered it if he didn’t think it was a good option. Meanwhile, DeLuca and Sam are together in his room and Amelia looks accomplished, having told Sam to go and tell DeLuca how she feels. Additionally, as she is leaving, Mer asks her aunt to go to dinner, but her aunt says that they can talk about the price of the patent tomorrow, and that they should celebrate tonight. After her aunt leaves, Webber approaches Mer and tells her that she hated her mother and that’s why they stopped being friends all those years ago. Mer’s face drops, because she wasn’t aware that her mother and aunt had stopped being friends.  

At game night, Avery asks April if she is okay and she asks for him to stop asking her that. After a few turns, April starts freaking out because she believes that games have rules and everyone should be following them.  She talks about how everything can’t be chaos and when you don’t follow the rules, it creates chaos. She continues ranting and after her rant Tom starts clapping. Among the chaos , there is knock on the door and Maggie goes to open it. On the other side is a woman, who reveals herself as Clives’ WIFE (WHAT!?)!  She pushes her way into the house and she and Clive start fighting, although it doesn’t last long before Avery kicks Clive and his wife out of the house. Maggie is freaking out and is clearly distraught over what just happened. Avery asks her if she is going to be okay before leaving with his date.

Back at the hospital, Webber and Bailey are watching the security tape of the incident from that morning where Kepner cut off her patients ear.  They are laughing hysterically (mostly because the entire situation was highly comedic). Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia run into each other in the lounge and she invites Owen to game night (without knowing what was actually happening over at game night clearly). After the invitation, he tells her that he is grateful for her. She asks him if he’s grateful enough to have sex with her (and apparently he is, thus explaining–and solving–the sexual tension between them earlier).  On a lighter note, Alex is finally able to convince Kimmy’s grandmother to allow him to give her the medical marijuana. He gives it to Kimmy and she is able eat again (yay!).

Back at game night, there is another knock on the door, which Maggie opens.  The interns (Glasses and Helm) show up at Mer’s. Maggie closes the door in their face. A few moments later, there is another knock at the door, and Maggie answers it, annoyed, only t find it is not the interns, it is Jackson.  Avery tells Maggie that he broke up with his date and came back because he only thinks of Maggie. He FINALLY confesses his feelings (YES!!!!) and he wants to take her on a proper date. They finally kiss, but it is rather short lived because Mer runs in looking for her moms journals.  Avery says he will call maggie, before leaving her to help Mer. The run upstairs and find the journals, and Maggie asks what’s wrong. Mer tells her that she gave her aunt everything (her plan, proof it works, etc.) and that her aunt is stealing her idea for the contest.

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the twelfth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments! Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 13! Until then!

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