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Emerson has always been a chapter that liked to take risks, so emailing the chapter network to spotlight different Her Campus Chapters at other schools was no different. One of the schools that we decided we wanted to introduce to you is the chapter at UPR. UPR is one of four chapters located on the island of Puerto Rico. Their chapter specifically is located in Rio Piedras, San Juan, and they were founded in April 2014. Currently, their chapter has 31 members, and they are dedicated to helping college women develop professional skills and find their voice and creating an inclusive, tight-knit community for everyone involved to enjoy! 

Their school is a place where people from diverse backgrounds can come together and share a safe space, and there is always something going on on their campus to check out! The chapter is currently ranked as an elite level chapter, and they are looking to maintain this high level of performance. They always work super hard, so maintaining this rank is a way for the chapter to know that their hard work is paying off! 

The chapter is run by co-campus correspondents, Paula Ayala, a fourth year English major, and Antoinette Luna, a fifth year double major in media writing and comparative literature, who is also the chapter’s editor-in-chief. The chapter’s vice president is fourth year English literature major Aimar Galarza, and their senior editor is third year English literature major, Claudia Martinez. Ariana Rios, a third year foreigngn languages major,works as the team’s secretary. 

Their executive board continues with those dedicated to the chapter’s marketing, including their social media director Luis Alfaro, who is in his fifth year majoring in creative writing and audiovisual communications.  The chapter also has a marketing and publicity director, Angelica Caraballo, in her third year studying comparative literature with a minor in publicity and public relations. Finally, the team’s events are spearheaded by their events director, Yadimar, a fourth year majoring in human resources. 

The chapter decided to highlight the following feature articles written by members of their chapter: 

Additionally, the chapter chose to highlight these profile articles, written by members of their chapter: 

If you are looking for more content from UPR, you can check out their Her Campus page here!

In terms of events, they have run many, but their favorite has to be the yoga team bonding they did about a year ago. The event was sponsored by a local health and food store/restaurant, and was hosted for free by one of the CC’s moms, a certified yoga instructor. The class focused on relying on one another and was held on one of the beaches in the area. The event helped the team feel connected with each other and had a really great turn-out, enticing almost all of their members to attend! Additionally, one of their favorite memories, aside from the team bonding yoga class, is the team picnic that they held. The picnic was relaxing, and everyone had fun talking about their experience at the university.  

Soon, they are going to be hosting an article writing workshop, which they are very excited about. The workshop is going to be hosted by Luis Alfaro and Paula Ayala and is aimed for members to sharpen their writing skills. The event is also open to non-members to see what writing for the HC UPR chapter is really like! They are also planning on doing some campus-wide events to build a strong bond between the chapter and other student organizations while continuing to do team bonding to better the community inside and outside of their chapter. 

If you are looking to get involved with HC UPR, you can feel free to send them an email at [email protected] or drop by one of their on campus events and say hi! They love welcoming new members whenever you want to join. The CCs explained, “Whether you want to develop a plethora of skills (like writing, editing, working with social media, etc.), want to better as a professional, or want to join a community of fun-loving and dedicated people, there is a spot in Her Campus at UPR for you!” The CCs also explained that their chapter is “creative, driven, and diverse.” The selected these three words to describe themselves because they are always thinking innovatively, ambitiously, and openly, using their diverse backgrounds and skills to create the best content and events for the chapter.

Looking to keep up with HC UPR?  Follow them on their social channels: 

Bonus Questions: 

TS: What Hogwarts house does your chapter most identify with? 

CCs: Ravenclaw!


TS: If your chapter could be described with one animal, what would that animal be and why? 

CCs: A jerezana for sure! It’s the female of our university’s mascot, a chicken!


TS: Is your chapter team Edward or Team Jacob?  Or for daring, Team Kristen Stewart as a person?

CCs: Team Kristen Stewart!


TS: Is your chapter more cat people or dog people?

CCs: Definitely dog people!


TS: Does your chapter identify more with beaches or lakes?

CCs: Beaches– we live on an island. It’s a given ;)


TS: What time of year (semester, trimester, quarter) has the best classes to add to your schedules?

CCs: Hm, probably fall!

*All photos provided by HC UPR*


Talia is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Emerson. Talia is also a Chapter Advisor, Region Leader, and HSA Advisor. She has previously worked as an intern for the national headquarters of Her Campus in the community management department. Talia is a Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College in a 4+1 combined bachelor's and master's program in publishing. She is an aspiring writer and publisher. Talia is known for living life with her journal, a pen, and three lovely cats.
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