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A Student Journalist’s Guide to Staying Informed

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.
lora ohanessian 16rIhtV42yA unsplash
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Staying up to date can be a challenge with the constant flow of breaking news and updates. The internet connects people across the globe and allows information to be at our fingertips, making it vital to be informed on current events. 

Before I share my favorite ways to stay informed, let me be clear: social media is not the best way to stay informed. Following news outlets on social media is a great thing, but only if you are reading beyond the headlines. A lot of misinformation comes from social media and only reading fragments of news articles. Thankfully, the most important information in a news article is typically at the beginning of the story making it easy to access the important points. 

It is impossible to read everything in the news every single day and no one is asking you to. As a student journalist, I read the top stories from the New York Times and the Boston Globe every morning, and supplement with other methods to stay informed. After a semester of trial and error, I’ve got a few tips on the best ways to stay up to date without letting the news consume your life. Here are my favorite sources for staying informed. 

The WasHington post 7

The Washington Post 7 is a daily newsletter and podcast of the top 7 news stories. The newsletter includes article headlines, who’s involved, what happened and why that issue is important. Each story includes links to related news stories. The 7 podcast details the top stories in just 7 minutes. Lucky for us Emersonians, a free subscription to the Washington Post is offered through the Emerson College Iwasaki Library. 

NPR Morning Edition

If you’re a lover of podcasts or radio broadcasts, NPR Morning Edition is perfect for you. NPR’s Morning Edition includes a morning news brief and approximately 10 additional news stories. The morning news brief is about 10 minutes long and features the top three news stories of the day. The brief includes interviews with correspondents and experts. The additional stories are three to five minutes long covering topics from education to entertainment. Listen to the morning news brief a few days during the week and any additional stories that catch your eye. 

The B-Side

To keep up with Boston’s best events and local news, read The B-Side newsletter. Launched in Oct. 2022, The B-Side highlights popular events in the Boston area and the most important news stories. Links to more information and event registrations are included. The newsletter is geared toward Millennials and Gen Z to promote community in Boston.

Local News

Local news stations are the one stop shop for all the news you need. WCVB and Boston 25 News write short, succinct news articles paired with broadcast clips so you can get all the facts fast. Emerson College supports numerous student news organizations, including WEBN, The Berkeley Beacon and Good Morning Emerson, that cover local and collegiate news. 

Many people turn away from the news because it can be heavy and disheartening. As with social media, it is okay to take breaks from the news to recharge. Honestly, taking breaks from the news has been my saving grace at times. Just remember to resume reading the news once your break is over.

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These news outlets are my favorite ways to stay informed. Try these and determine the best one(s) for you. Also, I encourage you to discuss current events with your friends or even your professors. I hope these news outlets help you become a better informed citizen of the world! 

Madison Lucchesi is a freshman journalism student at Emerson College. She is a writer for WEBN Boston News. During her free time, she enjoys dancing, writing, reading and baking goodies for her loved ones and friends. She has a cat named Kitty. You can find her writing in SPINE, Community Literacy Journal, TeenBlurb Magazine and on Instagram @eclipsingentries.