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5 Tips for Finding a Summer Internship

Now that you’ve settled down at your spring internship, it’s time to get started on the summer internship search! While the sunny months of summer seem far away, it’s always a good idea to get started early. Here are a few tips for applying to internships.

1. Search across all platforms

There are tons of different ways to discover internship openings, so don’t just limit your search to Intern Match. Check for jobs on LinkedIn, follow companies on social media, scan job sites, and ask around. Not to mention, a quick Google search of your internship doesn’t hurt!


2. Ask for references and recommendation letters

By the time you’ve said goodbye to your teachers and left your spring internship, it’ll be hard (and less personable) to get back in touch. Your future internship is likely to ask for a letter or two of recommendation or at least a couple references. Stay on top of it and ask your supervisors and professors in advance!


3. Update your resume

Chances are your background has changed in the past few months, what with spring classes, new skills and recent experience. Make sure to update your resume regularly, making sure that not only your experience and education is relevant, but your contact info is updated as well. A lot of weight is placed on your resume, so make sure it’s top-notch!


4. Tailor your cover letter

Most companies ask applicants for a resume and cover letter when applying. Your resume should give the employer a quick summary of your education, experience and skills, while your cover letter gives them a little more detail about yourself and your background. Because the cover letter is more personal, you should be tailoring it to each opening you apply to!


5. Follow up

This is prime time to apply to summer internships, especially at bigger, more competitive companies. Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd by following up on your application if you haven’t heard back. Your application could easily get lost in the bunch, and following up shows that you’re genuinely interested and will take initiative to get what you want.

The summer internship search can be stressful, so try to ease your pain! Follow these simple tips for a smoother process.

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