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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Massachusetts Conference for Women

Whether you’re hunting for your winter internship or planning for graduation, it’s important to make connections with professionals. While there are many different ways to achieve this goal, there is one event in Boston where you connect with other women on a yearly basis: The Massachusetts Conference for Women. What’s the conference all about, you ask? Don’t worry — Her Campus has the full scoop. 

1. More than 10,000 women

Yes, 10,000. This year’s conference on December 4 had 10,000 women at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Think about all of the people you could meet at this one location. From the speakers, to the volunteers, to the attendees, there is no way to avoid meeting someone new. Even if you are a little shy or haven’t perfected your elevator speech, this is a chance for you to come out of your shell because the event is intended to bring together empowered women of all generations, from students to career women.

2. Incredible, inspiring speakers

The conference never fails to land amazing speakers who inspire and, sometimes, leave audience members in tears. This year, the lead keynote was former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and other featured keynotes included Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, American designer Tory Burch, and Life is good, Inc. co-founder John Jacobs. Check out their speeches!

3. Local and national career experts

Need an expert opinion on your career? No problem. There is a Career Pavilion that features local and national career experts, coaches, and professionals. At any point during the conference, you can stop by the Pavilion to get your questions answered. The wide variety of workshops, résumé reviews, and local leader meet-ups are well worth your time. 

4. Lessons on health & work-life balance

In talking with Gloria Larson, the president of Bentley University and board president for the Massachusetts Conference for Women, she revealed how she stays healthy and keeps calm despite her busy work life. “I always take time for myself and try to travel to the Cape at least once a week. I have three Labrador retrievers, Harry Jr., Sally, and Teak who also help me to relax. It’s important to remove yourself from hectic circumstances,” she said.  

5. Volunteer to get in completely free  

With this conference being the largest in the country, tickets always sell fast and the cost this year for students was $75. What’s the secret to getting into the conference free? Register early as a volunteer for 2015. You can pay it forward to other women who are attending and, at the same time, enjoy the conference. Bookmark the site now — you’ll thank Her Campus later.

Now that you’ve heard about our reasons for recommending the conference, don’t hesitate to do your own research on how you can jumpstart your internship or career search by attending. It’s a one-day event that will impact your career in the years to come if you get involved with the many speaker sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, career coaching and more.  Are you ready for 2015?

I’m Michelle, a twenty-something blogger and recent alumna of Emerson College. I love taking photos of anything and everything, writing, traveling, reading, and a good cup of tea. As a staff writer for the Emerson Chapter, I hope to share career tips and internship advice to empower collegiate women. You can follow me @MichelleHacunda on Instagram and Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn. 
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