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5 Binge-worthy Shows to Watch When Taking a Break From Finals

Yes, the semester is coming to a close, and that means it’s time for finals. We’ve been putting off thinking about it for as long as we could, but now we have to turn and face the beast, right? Finals are no fun, and one of the only ways to get through them is to make sure you give yourself a break. A good way to do that is reward yourself with some television! Luckily, it’s that time of the year when many streaming platforms are releasing new shows just in time for the summer. Here are some of the most enthralling, new, binge-worthy shows to watch when you just can’t study anymore.

1.) Black Summer

Fans of The Walking Dead should watch out, ‘cus there’s a new zombie show on the block now. Set in a mysterious zombie apocalypse, this Netflix show told from multiple points of view will have you screaming at the characters on the screen—in a good way. The show was released on the platform earlier this month, but was originally a web series. Jaime King (Rose) stars as a mother separated from her daughter, alongside Justin Chu Cary (Spears) and Christine Lee (Kyungsun) who have all starred in T.V. shows previously. The show has been praised for its underlying themes, specifically by famed author Stephen King.

2.) Shrill

Shrill, a new show on Hulu starring Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant, was actually just renewed for a new season of eight episodes set to be released in 2020. That makes in the perfect time now to binge the first season which is available in its entirety on the streaming platform. The series is based on comedian and activist Lindy West’s memoir and follows Annie, who is a young, plus-sized journalist in her journey to body-positivity whilst trying to juggle sucky boyfriends, judgy parents, and controlling bosses. Overall, the show will give you the giggles is some scenes, make you cry in others, and is utterly uplifting.     

3.) Special

Ryan O’Connell, and his character by the same name, is a gay man with cerebral palsy. When seeing a lack of characters in television that represented people like him, O’Connell set out to change that. Based on his 2015 memoir, I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, the show follows O’Connell’s character as he reveals to his co-workers that his disability is not from a car accident like he led them to believe. The show is a feel-good, restores-your-faith-in-humanity type of series with a slew of amazing supporting characters. In case that doesn’t convince you, O’Connell got his start writing for shows like Awkward and Will & Grace.   

4.) The Act  

True crime T.V. shows have always been popular, but we’ve recently entered a whole new era of docuseries. This one is based on the real life of Gypsy Blanchard, played by The Kissing Booth’s Joey King, and the murder of her mother Dee Dee Blanchard who was accused of abusing her daughter and faking her illnesses and disabilities. While the show is based on real events, it is dramatized. So if you’re super familiar with the case, that’s something to be aware of. Regardless, Patricia Arquette’s (Dee Dee) acting is chilling and impossible to tear your eyes away from.  

5.) The Umbrella Academy

Marvel’s Avengers: End Game is right around the corner, but if you’re still not getting enough of superheroes, then this show may be exactly what you’re looking for. Based off of the original Dark Horse Comics series, the plot revolves around a family of dysfunctional superhero siblings that reunite to solve their father’s mysterious death and a possible impending apocalypse. The cast includes names like Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, and Mary J. Blige. Though just released in February, the show has gotten praise for its visual effects and cast performances which led to its renewal for a second season.   

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